In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


10. Friendly Dinner Date

Sabrina's P.O.V.
Ok, I just said yes to Edward to go with him for dinner. No flirting, yeah right. What if he's serious? I shook it off and got ready.
I decided to wear a neon green smily face shirt with the background color black. Along with with holy skinny jeans and my black converse. I put some powder foundation on and some eyeliner. 5:23, Edward's gonna be here at 5:30. I did a quick hair check and skipped to Logan's room.
"Are you sure you don't mind me going with Edward?" I leaned on the doorway. He sipped his water.
"I'm sure." He smiled. I joined him on his bed.
"He made it clear that he wasn't going to flirt." I sighed. "But I'm not getting my hopes up." He smiled and hugged me. The doorbell rang. "Wish me luck." And I walked out of his room.
Mom was at the door making small talk with Edward. She just got home from a work and was still in her work clothes. Edward looked at me and smiled. My mom turned.
"Hi baby. Going on a date, and not telling me?" Edward chuckled and I mentally face palmed myself.
"No mom, he's Marcel's brother and we're just getting to know each other." She smiled at me.
"Ok, think what you want. Just be home before mid night." I groaned and hugged her.
"I know mom. And love you." She returned the love you and we walked to his car.
"Sorry about my mom. She can be..." I trailed off. He chuckled.
"I know how mums are. I just wish my mum was like that. She's so strict and she can be a total b***h at one minute and be sweet the next second."
"Some moms are like that. Does she love you?" He looked at me.
"I guess so." I playfully punched him.
"She loves you. Just because you don't dress fancy like your siblings, doesn't mean she doesn't love you any less. He's pretty nice. So far. It took a few minutes to get to the restaurant, but we got there.
"Reservation for Styles." He told the host. She looked through her papers and showed us to our table.
"Ok, let's start off with you." He looked at me.
"Ok, I grew up with my dad, mom and Logan. Our dad works multiple jobs, so he's rarely home. My mom works at the local hospital and me and Logan work at Steak n' shake across town." He smiled real big.
"Me, Marcel and Gemma should come there sometime. I hear the food is awesome."
"If you want quality food and a 1950's theme, you have your place." He smiled.
"Ok, so tell me a little about you." He rubbed his hand in his face.
"I've moved from here to England about seven times. I lived with my dad and my mom disapproved of me. Just cause I have tattoo's and don't dress like Marcel. When I would here, I would stay for a couple months. Nine was the most. I would get a job and then would get fired."
"Why would you get fired? If you don't mind me asking."
"Oh no, it's fine. I used to club a lot, still do and I would get myself into bad situations and get in fights. Soon the fights would get me caught up in my work and I would get fired."
"Sorry about that. You have a job now?" He shook his head.
"There is a opening for a waiter at the diner. You wanna interview?" He shook his head.
"Oh no. I couldn't." I smiled.
"No. The owner is really nice and everyone is sweet as can be. Plus it makes more than minimum wage."
"When can I get a interview?" He gave in.
"Well, I'm working tomorrow night and can get you one." He smiled real big.
"Thanks Sabrina. Means a lot."
"Well, you don't seem so bad." I looked down at his knuckles. They were bruised slightly and had small cuts on them. Our waiter took our orders and got our drinks. When we got our food he started to tell me about his childhood with Marcel.
"We won the pageant and I've never felt more embarrassed." He laughed.
"My dad wanted me and Logan to do that. But I told him no. I do not do dresses." I laughed. He laughed along.
"Was Marcel a good guy to grow up with?"
"He was my best friend growing up. Our mum was still sane. Until we were thirteen. That was the first time I moved. I was not dealing with her. Leaving Marcel and Gemma was hard for me. They were the best siblings I could ever ask for."
This was a new side of Edward I'd never thought I would see. He was really nice and turns out he wasn't that bad. I can see us being really good friends. After we were done, Edward asked for the check.
We split the check and decided to walk. We talked about some of the bands we like and our liking of books.
"Sabrina can I tell you something?" He looked at me with his emerald orbs shining in the moon light. "Sure." I replied.
"It's about Marcel. He really likes you." My heart stopped and I think I blushed.
"He talks about you all the time."
"That's great cause..." I trailed off. "I like him to." He smiled real big.
"I knew you do. You can see it in your eyes. Those intense blue eyes." He stopped. "I hope that didn't seem flirty."
"Oh Edward, it's fine. Everyone says my eyes stare into their souls." He laughed. "They could."
"You know, Jamie likes you." His cheeks turned bright red.
"S-she does?" He stuttered and I nodded.
"I kinda like her. What's her personality like?"
"Where do I begin? She's fun, funny, caring, sometimes sensitive, protective and she is very bubbly. She is a great person to talk to when you're sad. And she's just a fun person. I think you two would look cute together."
"I was actually thinking about asking her to the fair when you two came over for the project." I jumped up and down.
"You should do that! But, this conversation never happened." He nodded and we shook hands saying deal at the same time.
We got bac to Edwards car and he drove me home. I gave him a hug and ran inside. My mom attacked me with questions and I answered all of them. I passed Logan's room and he was slightly snoring with his TV on. I quickly gave him a kiss and left his room. I changed clothes and hoped in bed.
It was only 9:52. So I got my laptop and went to a site that I like to read on and fell asleep reading.
hello my lovely readers!! :) :) sorry i havent updated in a while ive been so busy :P :P but heres a chapter for yall!! hope you liked it!! :) :) thanks for all the support also!!

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