In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


16. Everything Will be ok, I Hope

"Ok Marcel I'll start you off with something simple. You will ask for the drinks and Edward-" She stopped and got a pen and paper.
"You will take the orders." We nodded and followed Sabrina to a table.
"Hi! My name is Sabrina and these are our new employee's Marcel and Edward. They'll be serving you today." The family smiled ad Sabrina's eyes landed on me.
"Hi I'm Marcel and what can I get for you guys?" I asked with the biggest smile on my face.
The family quickly said their drinks and Sabrina led me to the fountain.
"Now Marcel, this tray will get heavy so watch out." She set all four drinks on the tray. I started to walk back to the table and sat the drinks one-by-one. Sabrina looked at Edward.
"Hi, I'm Edward and are you ready to order?" One hand gripped on his pen and paper. The family ordered and Sabrina showed Edward the process of turning in a order. She clapped her hands together.
"Ok guys, I'm gonna take a few tables and leave you guys to take a table together. If you need me, you can find me anywhere." She hugged us at the same time. "Good luck and don't take separate tables." We nodded and found a empty table be filled with... the football jocks and their girlfriends.
"Uh Ed, can we take another table." I whispered close to his ear. "Why?" He furrowed his eyebrows.
"That's my group of bullies and their girlfriends." He gritted his teeth.
"Come on, if they say anything they'll make sure to never say anything again." I shrugged and we walked to the table with them laughing that filled the whole dining room.
"Hi, my name is Marcel and can I start you off with something to drink?" Mason looked up and smiled devilishly then stood up.
"Hey! Look guys! The nerd got a job and he has a friend!" He literally shouted.
"Yes I can have a life to and this is my brother." I spat.
"Oh! So little Marcel needs his big brother to help him stand up to a person."
"Hey, I work here too so get your bum out of other peoples bums." Edward spat at him. His glare from me landed on Ed. He stuck a finger on his chest.
"I'll stick my butt in who evers butt I want to Mr. Smart. So back off." Edward grabbed his finger and slun it off of him.
"You might wanna keep your hands to yourself if you wanna keep that finger." He grunted and walked out of the restaurant leaving his friends leaving with him. The girl Caitlin came running to us.
"Guys! Don't make customers leave this place."
"But Cat, they did't make them leave. The customers left themselves. He couldn't stand being stood up to." A voice rang behind us. We turned around and sawa guy arms crossed. His name tag marked 'Duncan'. Caitlin sighed.
"Ok Duncan. You always tell the truth so I'm gonna take your word for it." And she walked off.
"Thanks Duncan. I'm Marcel and this is my brother Edward." He shook our hands.
"Thanks for saving our bums." Edward laughed.
"Hey, anytime. I hate dumb jocks like him. They're nothing but trouble." I nodded. "I can agree."
"Well, I need to get back to my table. Ring me up if you need anything." We smiled and went separate ways.
*~*~*skip work*~*~*
"Soo! How was your first day at work?" Sabrina hugged me as we walked towards her car.
"It was good. Mason and his little group came to eat then left."
"Did Caitlin like that?" She smirked.
"No, but a guy named Duncan saved our bums." She giggled. Adorable.
"Duncan is the most honest person in the world." Her blue eyes met mine.
"That's what Caitlin said." We all hopped in the car and Sabrina started the car. We soon were at my house.
"Thanks for the ride. And the job." "Anytime. See ya!" She said cheerfully. We started up the walk way.
"I see why you like her." Edward nudged me.
"She's sweet, cute, adorable, funny, everything." Edwards pulled me close giving me a noogy. We got to the front door and heard screaming. Edward unlocked the door and Gemma was facing mum screaming at her.
"Mother I'm sick of dressing like this! I'm sick of acting like a snobby rich kid!" We quickly ran to the living room.
"What's going on here?" I asked my voice full of concern.
"I just lost my best friend to mom!" She looked at me with rage.
"Mother, what did you do?" I asked. Her arms crossed over her chest.
"Nothing and where have you two been?" She demanded.
"We went with Sabrina and got jobs." Her face grew more mad.
"I don't want you two talking or being near her again." She then put her hands on her hips.
"What?" I asked my mouth dropping.
"You heard me! She's nothing but a bad influence on you and you need to focus on school. Edward, I'm sending you back to your father in England." My mouth dropped more and looked at him who had anger in every inch of his body.
"What! What did I do!" He yelled.
"Don't you dare talk to me like that ever again! You are nothing but trouble and you can't respect me."
"I've been following your dumb rules since I got here which was like two days ago!"
"Go to your room!" She screamed.
"No!" He shouted louder.
"Marcel, Gemma, I need to talk to your brother. Upstairs now." Gemma plopped on the couch and I went along with her.
"No." We said together holding hands.
"Go upstairs now." She spoke through her teeth. Edward sat with us.
"It's our turn mum. If you would listen for ten minutes." Gemma spoke up. She let the biggest sigh and sat down. Here she goes with the bipolar stuff.
"One, I have done nothing wrong. Two, Sabrina is an amazing influence on Marc and me. Third, don't make Gemma loose any friends. They're her friends, she'll dump em if she wants to." Edward looked her straight in the eye.
"Plus, why do we haft to dress like 1950's nerds? I look like barf threw up on me. That's one reason why I get beat up everyday. Plus you blame it on me. I can't always fight back. There are points where I get on the ground and can't get up. You really need to support me and be there when I need you." I said with sternness.
"Not everything is my fault or Edwards nor Gemma's. We're just teenagers." I added.
"I don't what you want from us mum but we're not going to be these perfect kids you want. We will have our flaws and you need to realize we're not perfect. Your youngest kid gets beat up and you blame it on him when you should be blaming the people who beat him up. You need to support us if we get a job or an award. Put your kids first before you. Do we matter anymore?" Gemma explained.
Mum's eyes started to get watery.
"All three of us love you with all of our hearts, but we just want to be normal teenagers with a normal mum." Edward looked sympathetic. She wiped the tears from her eyes.
"I'm so sorry. For everything. I do love you three. You're the loves of my life and I shouldn't have been so harsh on you three. I just wanted the best for you guys and wanted to make sure you were raised right." She came and sat on the coffee table.
"It may have been a pain for the years, but I think you've raised us just right." Gemma smiled at us. We looked at mum and smiled. She held her arms out. We went for the group hug.
"I love you!" We shouted. She laughed and we released.
"Ok, so get me caught up on your lives."
"Can we change clothes first?" I asked. She smiled and we all changed into pj's and talked to mum.
I told her about Sabrina. Ed told her about Jamie and Gemma told her about her crush. I felt like a real family. Hopefully this will continue.
ello loves!! I'm gonna start something new. im gonna update every friday cause i can never update during the week. plus if i can, every saturday. school has made me so busy!! :P :P so hope you liked this chapter and comment if you did!! romance is coming your way so hopefully ill have a new chapter up by tomorrow night!! :) :)

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