In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


22. Do You Like?

"How could you become like this? What about your family, your friends, me?" 

Everything was black.

"You told me you would never change and look at you now. You go to bars and clubs almost every night and you flirt with every girl you see or more. You're worse than Edward." The girls voice said on the verge of tears. 

"If you can't change, I won't be able to understand how we can continue to be friends. Bye Marcel." I shot up with cold sweats on the front of my forehead. I immediately ran to my journal and wrote down the lines I heard from the girl.

It didn't sound like Sabrina, Jamie, Elizabeth or Gemma. I'm just imaging things. I put the journal up and picked out my outfit. 

I chose a black v-neck, black skinny jeans and black converse. I grabbed two towels and hopped in the shower. I did my morning stuff and took my gel and used a little and ran it through my hair and messed around with it until I was satisfied with my hair. 

I took one last look in the mirror. I decided to go without contacts. This was good enough. I slid them on and I looked good. With my glasses I mean.

I grabbed my school books and shoved them in my bag and skipped to the kitchen. 

Mum was already at work and Gemma was still getting ready. Ed was sitting at the kitchen table on the phone who was probably Jamie. I haven't seen him this cheery over a person in a long time. 

"Ok well, I'll see you in school. Bye lovely." 

"Aw, big bro's got a lovely." I laughed grabbing a bowl of cereal. He leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head in pride. 

"You know Marc, I've never felt this way about a person before. I think Jamie might be the one. And I'm serious. She is my ticket to the normal life. Not the fight, drunkie life. I like this life better." I smiled.

"Well I'm glad you found someone like Jamie. But I have Sabrina. I feel that we're gonna last for a while." I poured my cereal and quickly ate it. 

Edward looked at his phone and his eyes widened. 

"Woah man, we're gonna be late." Gemma was already on her way to school. We cleaned our mess up and hopped in Edward's car. He drove like a maniac, but we got to school on time. 

*~*~*skip to break*~*~*

I closed my locker door to see a bright blue eyed girl smiling at me like a mad woman. She scanned my whole body. 

"Wow Marc, you look good." I leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek. I leaned out and we both blushed. Wow, I just did that. I loved what Sabrina was wearing, 

The outfit suited her for a oncoming fall day. "And I can say the same thing bout you. Very comfy." We both started laughing. We looked into each others eyes. 

"Wow, you have amazing eyes." She looked to her shoes and smiled. 

"Thanks Marc. Comfy is my middle name." We started to walk down the hallway. "I'm not the type of girl who wears tight shirts and show my breasts. Def, not me." She started to laugh. I joined her and looked at her hand. I grabbed it. 

She smiled wide and everyone gave us glares as we walked outside. We were at the front entrance and half of the school saw us together. We just smiled and she sat her head on my shoulder.

We walked down the stairs and walked to Louis. He was sitting in the grass with Jayde. 

"Marc, are you sure? I thought Jayde was your bully?" 

"It's cool. We settled our differences." She nodded and we walked over to them. 

"Mind if we join you?" I asked. Louis looked up at me and smiled. 

"Why not?" We sat with them and I started to pull the tall dying grass.

"They really need to cut the grass. A snake could hide in this stuff." Jayde made her arms in a snake motion. 

Soon enough, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Jamie, Edward and Elizabeth joined us. 

"Hey, where is your brother?" Niall asked. 

"Oh, he is spending the day at the hospital." Everyone's eyes widened. "Calm down, hahaha, he needs to get some of his community service in. He has a hundred hours so far." Everyone eased and we talked about the different music that was out there. 

The break ended and we all went back to class. After two more classes, it was time for lunch. It was the same thing as break, except we laughed about more stuiped things than normal. We were all awake. 

Lunch ended and we did our afternoon classes and it was time to go home. I closed my locker and Sabrina was there again. 

"Hey you!" She kissed my cheek. I returned the kiss and we waited for Jamie and Edward. 

"Hey man! Let's go home." I looked at Sabrina. 

"I think we can walk." She smiled wide and nodded. "That would be fun!" Ed protested but we both declined. 

We went our separate directions. 

"What's up with your new style? Sweater vest days are over?" Sabrina looked at me. 

"Well now that mum let's me wear real clothes, I did some shopping. Do you like it?" 

"It shocked to see you in skinny jeans. You look great but promise me one thing?" "Yeah?" 

"Don't change into this guy that is all popular and doesn't care about your real friends." 

She hit the exact spot I was scared of. 

"I want you to be Marcel. The guy who I fell in love with when he got beat up." She said in the nicest tone. 

"Well, I promise I will never leave you in the dust like some jerk. One, I was raised right and two, you are the only person I want to be with." I kissed the top of her head. 

"That's sweet Marcel. I just don't want a person like you slip away from me." 

"I feel the same way. The first time I looked at you, I was in love." She was blushing. 

"And you look cute when you blush." She blushed harder. 

"Hey, how about I take you out on a date with me. Just me and you on Friday night. What ever you want to." She smiled and about tackled me in a hug. 

"Aw Marcel! That would be awesome!" I smiled as she released me. 

"Then it's settled! Our first date this Friday." Oh lord, my first date....this Friday


ello loves!!! hope you liked this chapter!! :D happy early veterans day!! and i want to say this, this book is going to be ending soon!! but dont freak out, there will be a sequal to it!! YAYAYAY!! i decided to do that cause it would be fun and cool :P so yeah hope you liked it!!!! and request what you think will happen between the two love birds, there will be more football player drama and popular girl drama so be on the look out!!! ;) 

and three likes?? maybe even three favorites????????? 

Lots of love


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