In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


28. Date Night

*~*~*4 months later*~*~*

So everything is turning for the best. For me at least.

My cast is off and I have one of those boot things. I'm getting it off soon though.

Sabrina is doing pretty good also. A few days after the wreck they put Sabrina in a wheel chair cause her hips are messed up. She's starting physical therapy soon and she'll be out of the chair. Her cast is off on her arm and foot. 

The scar on her foot is faded but she has a nasty scar on her right arm from where they cut her open twice. Other wise, we're both doing great.

I have changed though. I always wear my contacts and I wear skinny jeans, a pair of brown boots and different t-shirts. I'm finally the guy I've always wanted to be. I just don't know how Sabrina is reacting to it.

I'm really good friends with Jayde and the popular guys. Me, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall are real good friends again. Due to the changes, I've been invited to some parties and I've been drunk about four times. And people are calling me Harry. 


Finally Friday! Skip the boring morning and time for lunch. 

Sabrina and Jamie were sitting at the same table, smiling and laughing. For someone who is in a wheel chair, she never disappoints. (@SabrinaMiller76) 

We walked over and I kissed her on the lips. "Oh, minty." I laughed at the taste of her lip balm. She touched her lips and laughed.

"You're wearing the ring!" I smiled. I got her the rose ring for our first anniversary. She wears it everyday.

"Yeah. I love it! It's so pretty." I smiled and looked over at Ed and Jamie. Her style has changed a bit. (@SabrinaMiller76)

Along with the brown hair, she has light blue and purple streaks in her hair. She also got a tattoo with Ed that's on her wrist. It's a heart with J+E. They got it on their anniversary. I've got a couple myself.

I got two doves on my chest, a pirate ship on my right arm and a bird cage behind my arm. I want to get more. I'm thinking about getting a butterfly on my stomach for Sabrina. Cause every time I look at her, I get butterflies.

"Ugh! I hate this thing so much!" Sabrina groaned moving around in her chair.

"When do you get out?" I asked holding her hand. 

"I'm going to the hospital Sunday." "Well, I'll be there." I kissed her hand. She smiled and pecked my cheek. That's when Jayde came over.

"Hey Harry!" 

"Hey Jay." 

"Come sit with us. Bring Ed with you." I smiled.

"Ok! We'll be over in a minute." She smiled and walked away. I kissed Sabrina's forehead.

"We'll hang out at my house tonight." She smiled.

"Sounds fun. Love you." I smiled and left.

*~*~*Sabrina's P.O.V.*~*~*

"We'll hang out at my house tonight." I smiled, knowing that won't happen.

"Sounds fun. Love you." I said and he walked off.

I looked at Jamie and she gave me 'I know that smile is fake' look. She slid her tray over to me and she sat beside me.

"Yeah right, when I call him to tell him I'm about to leave he says 'oh, I'm sorry. I have plans.' He did that last week. Do you know how long it's been since I've been to his house?" She looked at me and shrugged. 

"A month. It's been a month since I've been to his house and it's been two months since we've been on a date and the last time he said he loved me was when we had our first kiss and that was a month ago. I'm starting to think he's just hanging out with me to spare my feelings. And if I say anything, we'll get in a fight. I don't know what to do." She hugged me.

"I'm sorry Bri. Maybe how he's becoming popular is getting to him." I played with my food.

"He said he would never change. He's changing." 

"I'll talk to Edward and tell him to talk to Harry." I smiled.

"And 'Harry'. It's like Marcel never existed. I want my nerd back." Tears started to form.

"Aw Sabrina, please don't cry." She hugged me tight. I wiped the one tear falling from my face.

"It's not worth it." The lunch bell rang. We threw our stuff away and I wheeled to Science. 

Oh crap, I have Science with Harry. 

This is gonna be fun.


I wheeled into science and hopped on the seat. I may be in a wheel chair, but it doesn't mean I can't walk or anything. I can't just be up a lot.

"I heard we're gonna have a sub." Edward smiled.

Harry smiled at me and reached for my hand. I pulled my hands in between my legs. He frowned.

"Is everything ok?" I smiled. I couldn't look him in the eyes.

"Yeah. I'm fine." 

"Then why can't you look me in the eyes?" I lifted my head up and looked him in the eyes.

"Everything is fine. My stomach-"

"You're lying. What's wrong?" 

"You're changing ok!" I semi shouted. No one noticed me.

"I'm changing?" 

"You're changing to the guy I don't want you to change into." His face turned into confusing. 

"Remember when you told me you would never change? Your personality? You and Edward keep ditching us for Jayde and the populars. You say we'll hang out at your place but you bail out on me to go to some party! I know you're having a great time since you've changed and all, but I miss you. I don't know when the last time you said 'I love you' or when we last went on a date. I can't hold it in anymore. I just want my boyfriend back." 

Tears were forming in his eyes. A tear had already escaped mine. He rose from his seat and hugged me so tight.

"I am so so sorry Sabrina. I have been pretty distant to you. I'm sorry, I'm just happy that I am finally not getting picked on. I was invited to a party tonight, but I'll skip it. I promise. You come over, me and you. We'll do whatever you want." 

"That's what you always say." I protested. 

"Here.." He pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Jayde, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna skip the party tonight and hang out with Sabrina. It's been a while since we hung out. Send." He showed the phone to me. He really sent it.

I smiled at him and hugged him tight.

"I love you." He said in my ear. I smiled from ear to ear and cupped his cheeks.

"I love you more." And we kissed.

*~*~*after school*~*~*

*~*~*Harry's P.O.V.*~*~*

Ed and I were walking out of the school. 

"I'm such a dick." 

"Well, you got caught up in the moment. You'll make it up to her. You're a Styles remember?" 

"That's what you said when I first had feelings for her." 

"Well, you got a beauty. If you got her, you make tonight special. Gemma is going out, I'm going out with Jamie and mum won't bother you. You have the house to yourself." 

"Yeah but remember, she can't exactly walk. There's a lot of things she can't do." 

"Well, you've been going to the gym, you can lift her. She's a skinny one." I smiled.

"I guess. What do you think we should do?" 

"Well, light a whole bunch of candles, set rose petals everywhere and have a little movie marathon. She's told you her favorite movies and we have them. And then we can drive to the movie store and get the really good popcorn and her favorite candy." 

"Sounds great! A romantic movie night! You're full of great ideas." He chuckled and we started to get ready for our date.

*~*~*Sabrina's P.O.V.*~*~*

"Jamie what should I wear?" I went through my closet. "Uh..." She went through it with me. 

"Here we go!" (@SabrinaMiller76)

I grabbed my phone and walkers. With my sticks, I can walk. It just hurts a little. 

I texted Harry telling him I was on my way and he was very excited.

I got to his house and knocked on the door.

"It's open!" Harry shouted.

I opened the door and I was welcomed by a dark room with rose's everywhere. 

"Harry?" I called out.

"In here Bri!" He shouted. 

I followed the trail and there was Harry, standing there in his glasses, his hair slicked back and in his old style. 

"Marcel." I smiled. He smiled at me and walked over to me.

"I'm sorry for the way I have been acting. So I thought to go back to the guy you love." I hugged him.

"I love you." 

"I love you too." 

"I love all this. It's beautiful. What's planned?" 

"A movie marathon. All the movies you love. I even got movie popcorn and your favorite candies." I kissed his lips. 

"Thank you. If I would've known, I would've worn something more comfortable." 

"Well, you look beautiful right now. No need to change. And, you're wearing no make up!" I blushed.

"Yeah, I didn't feel like redoing it." 

"Well, you look beautiful with or without make up. I just want you to go without it more often. Please?" he moved a piece of my hair out of my face.

"Pretty please?" 

"Fine. I will." He smiled.

"Good, so we'll start out with The Bee Movie." I smiled and clapped my hands. 

"Warning, I will sing in the end." He smiled. "I'll sing along with you. You know how much I love The Beatles." He winked. 

He pressed play and we cuddled together. He set a blanket over us and he grabbed the bowl of popcorn. 

The light from the TV made his eyes look dark. So sexy. 

I leaned in and kissed his lips. 

"I never want this moment to end." I whispered. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight.

I felt so safe and warm in his masculine arms. This is how I want to be with Marcel. He's my nerd and he's my cuddle buddy. I love this Marcel not 'Harry'. The same nerd I fell in love with when he got beat up. I know it's a weird way to fall in love with someone, but I saw the hurt and loneliness in his eyes. Now all I can see is happiness and warmth. 

I was woken out of my thoughts with a kiss to the temple of my cheek. I smiled and rested my head on his chest. He pulled me so close.



The clock read 11:30 and we've had already watched two movies. 

Marcel put in Monsters University prior to Monsters Inc. 

He came back to me and we snuggled close.

I just closed my eyes when I was woken by the door opening. We both looked back and saw Jamie and Edward. 

"Hey mate." Marcel smiled.

"Hey, we're just gonna head upstairs." And they were out of site.

" 'Going upstairs'." I put air quotations.

"Trust me, they're just gonna watch some movies. Jamie turned him down when he tried the first time." I smiled.

"That's my girl." We both laughed and I grew more tired every minute. 

I closed my eyes as the clock hit midnight and I fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat.


ello Lovlies!! :D i cant remember if i updated last week XD ah well :) so after this chapter, two more chapters are left. a lot of drama in the two chapters! then Half A Heart will be published!! :D i hope you're as excited as i am!! :D love you all and see ya later!! :* :* 

Lovlies foreva


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