In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


13. Bff's Forever (part 3)

Sabrina's P.O.V.

It is now 12:00 and I'm still locked in my room. Logan is never going to hear the end of this. Jamie slipped me a note saying go ahead and start getting ready.

I decided to wear a sleeveless white shirt with a black tank top. I put my holy jeans on and my black converses. I curled my long brown hair and put some powder on my face along with some baby lips. 

At 12:30, my door was unlocked by Jamie. She was acting real quiet and I knew something was up. We got to the living room and I saw my phone, still recording. I turned back to face Jamie, Edward, Logan and Marcel.

"What ever you guys planned, I have it all on video." I shook my phone. They laughed.

"We didn't plan anything. Do you wanna get going?" Jamie asked. I nodded and grabbed my bag and we were off.

"You might want to watch that video." Jamie smiled. We got in her car and I watched the video. I laughed as I watched the beginning. Their faces was priceless and I skipped to after I was locked in my room. I turned the volume up.

The plan was when we got home, there would be a series of pranks. It would start to when we got home to when Logan and I left for work. After the video was over, I was ready for home.

"Thanks Jai, you're a real friend." She kept her eyes on the road.

"Anything for my bff." She smiled.

The rest of the car ride was me and Jamie singing along to some of our favorite songs. When we were parked, we hurried inside. There was a lot of people there. Mostly guys. Our town was small, but there seemed to be a lot of guys.

Most of them were pot heads or sex obsessed idiots. Either way they're no good. Marcel however, is the sweetest guy ever. He wouldn't do any of that stuff or try to hurt me in any way. We walked past a large group of pot heads and made our way in delia's.

Then debs, claires, hot topic, fye and Charlotte russe. 

"You getting hungry?" Jamie asked me our hands filled with bags.

"A little. Let's get something to eat." We took the elevator to the top floor and decided on taco bell.

"Shall we go to the spa next and head home?" I looked at my phone screen. 3:40. I have work at 5.

"Yeah. It's almost four so we need to make it quick. Me and Logan's gotta work." She nodded and we ate.

As we ate, I felt like we were being watched. There were guys everywhere and it seemed like their eyes were staring into my soul. We were about to leave when we were greeted by a tall brown haired, brown eyed guy.

"Hi, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you look." His gaze never left my face. I chuckled.

"Thank you, but I'm not interested. Come on Jai." 

"Ok well one of my friends has an interest in your friend also." She laughed loud.

"Aha, ha, ha that's funny. You honestly think I'm gonna go out with a pot head?" He was speechless.

"Sorry." Was all he could whisper. He walked away rubbing the back of his head.

"Nice one Jai." We threw our food away.

"I don't tell a lie, I just tell the truth." We started to walk to the elevators.

We traveled down to the second floor and quickly walked to the spa. We were greeted by a nice American, this spa was filled with them.

"Hello there! What can I get you two lovely ladies today?"

"I would like to get my nails buffed and painted." She wrote what I said and looked at Jamie.

"I'm just here with her."

"You sure Jai?" I asked getting my wallet out of my bag.

"Yeah. I spent all my money and you need to head to work soon." I paid for my order and got my nails done. We hurried out of the mall and drove home.


I unlocked the door and shouted, "Logan! We're back!"

"We're in here!" Logan shouted back. We set our bags on the floor and Jamie leaned to me.

"Remember face to the pie." I smiled and nodded.

"Hey Logan, where's Edward, I need to tell him something."

"He's here on the couch with me and Marc."

I started to walk I saw Edwards shadow. These boys don't know how to pull good pranks or at lest how to hide. I stepped away from the side and Edward flung the pie. It flew past me and Jamie and stuck to the door. I laughed.

"Boys you seemed to forget, after Logan put me in my room, my phone still was on record and I got everything and all the pranks on video." They all groaned and I noticed Logan was already in his uniform.

"Give me ten minutes to get ready and we can head to work." Logan nodded.

"I'll text you when I get off work." I hugged Jamie.

"Ok, thanks for the bff day." She walked to the door.

"No prob girl. See ya later." She said her goodbyes to the boys and left. I jogged up to my room and saw my uniform was already on my bed laid out and ready. I took all my make up off and changed. I went to my full body mirror and put my hair up.

I curled the end of my hair and put my name tag on.

"You ready?" I asked. Logan perked up and nodded.

"You still want that job interview Edward?" I asked grabbing my purse.

"Yes." He laughed. Marcel sat on the couch quiet.

"Come on Marcel, you can come to." He smiled and we walked out of the house.

"You want me to drive?" Logan nodded and we piled in the car.

"Work, here we come." I pulled out of the driveway and sped down the road.


ello loves!! this is the last part of the bff's forever chapter!! now we can move on!! :) :) a lot is going to happen in the next few chapters!! im so excited for you guys to read them!! thanks for all the reads and favs!!


lots of love



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