Counting Stars

16 year old Lela Hemmings has never felt real love. Her father died when she was 15 and her mother died giving birth to Lela. Lela lives with her Aunt. She is depressed, insecure, and shy. She walks the halls with her head down and her mouth shut. She is bullied though. Pushed. Laughed at. Judged. Due to her shyness, she literally doesn't talk to people. At all. As a result, she is afraid to stand up for herself. Then someone walked into her life. She didn't want them to stay, but she didn't want them to leave. Can someone as simple as a person, as simple as a boy, change her life?


13. Saturday With Ashton.

Saturday With Ashton


I knocked on the door to Ashton's house. A woman answers.

"Oh." She whispers and closes the door.


Soon Ashton opens the door.

"Hey pretty girl." He smiles. I wave, noticing his dad is behind him. He grabs my hand and pulls me into the house and to his room.

"Why did she close the door on me?" I ask when he closes his bedroom door.

"She is probably high." He shrugs. He kisses my cheek and lies down on his bed. I lie next to him.

"I can't wait till I'm eighteen. I can finally move out of this hell hole." He says.

"Same. I love my aunt but sometimes, it feels like I just need to escape from everything." I sigh.

"You could always come here." He says turning onto his side to face me.

"You actually are my escape." I smile. I turn over and face him. He pulls me closer to him.

"You're my escape too." He kisses my nose and smiles. "Maybe we can run away together."

"That sounds... amazing." I say.

"I am thinking Paris." He giggles.

"I am thinking your thoughts are awesome!" I laugh.

"I am thinking I love it when you laugh." He says softly.

"I think I love you." Did I just say that?

Oh god, I did!

He starts smiling.

"I know I love you." He almost whispers. I slowly reach up and kiss him. He disconnects the kiss and sits up, pulling me up with him.

"I really, really love you." He says quickly.

"I really, really love you too." I say.

"How serious were you with the whole running away idea?" He asks.

"I was like, 50 percent serious. Why?"

"You don't have to say yes, but we could seriously runaway. We don't even need to be eighteen! We could wait till after we graduate." He says quickly.

"Wow, okay, um, I need time to think about this! I mean I am all about being with you, but, I just need time!"

"Okay, you can have time. All the time you need. I am just saying, I really love you! We have both had shitty lives, so why not start over." I climb into his lap and kiss his cheek.

"I need time." I say softly. "And I need to get the whole Jessica situation figured out. Okay?"

"Okay." He wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his chest.

Do I want to runaway?


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