Counting Stars

16 year old Lela Hemmings has never felt real love. Her father died when she was 15 and her mother died giving birth to Lela. Lela lives with her Aunt. She is depressed, insecure, and shy. She walks the halls with her head down and her mouth shut. She is bullied though. Pushed. Laughed at. Judged. Due to her shyness, she literally doesn't talk to people. At all. As a result, she is afraid to stand up for herself. Then someone walked into her life. She didn't want them to stay, but she didn't want them to leave. Can someone as simple as a person, as simple as a boy, change her life?


21. Getting Tired of This.

Getting Tired of This.


I sit on the bench in front of the school. 

"Why aren't you in class nerd?" Brenna says. I look up and fix my glasses.

"Gonna' talk?" She pulls my glasses off.

"Okay listen," I say standing up. " I don't need your shit. If you are going to continue bugging your way into my day, then it just shows you care. So how about you give me my glasses and you can carry on with YOUR life."

She was frozen.

"D- did,"

"Yup." I say grabbing my glasses and walking away.

I walking into the full hallway and make my way to my locker. I walk past Marty. I turn my head to see his reaction. I dodged the trip.

Suddenly I bump into someone.

"Hey pretty girl."

"Hi Ash." I smile. Ashton leans down slightly and kisses me.

"Look." He says pointing at the girls bathroom.


I walk over and pull her into the bathroom.

"Thanks." She sighs as she covers my mouth.


She takes her scarf and wraps it around my hands. She then takes the scarf she had as a belt and put it over my mouth and tied.

"And the fun begins." She laughs. She locked me in a stall, and then left.

Here I am. Stuck. In a bathroom.


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