Counting Stars

16 year old Lela Hemmings has never felt real love. Her father died when she was 15 and her mother died giving birth to Lela. Lela lives with her Aunt. She is depressed, insecure, and shy. She walks the halls with her head down and her mouth shut. She is bullied though. Pushed. Laughed at. Judged. Due to her shyness, she literally doesn't talk to people. At all. As a result, she is afraid to stand up for herself. Then someone walked into her life. She didn't want them to stay, but she didn't want them to leave. Can someone as simple as a person, as simple as a boy, change her life?


9. Dreams and Questions.

Dreams and Questions


I sit in the living room watching a movie. My aunt burst through the door.

"Get your shoes on, there has been an accident!" She says quickly. I get my shoes on and we run outside. The street lights light up the sidewalk. We run until we get to an are with squad cars and caution tape. I see my dad being lifted into a truck. I run to the truck.

"Please let me ride with him!" I say in a panic. They let me. I get in the car and he looks up at me. He puts his hand on mine. He has blood all over his arms and legs. I see blood on his head.

"I love you." He says quietly.

"I love you too." I say. He starts to close his eyes.

"Red box." He mumbles. Red box?

"What? Dad, stay with me! Please! Dad!" I cry. But it was too late. He was gone.


I sit up sweating. My aunt runs in and notices my face is red. I must have been crying. She runs over and pulls me into a hug.

"Its okay." She repeats.

"Come here." She says standing up after I calm down. I stand up and walk into the kitchen with her.

"Do you want something to drink?" She asks.

"Water, please." I say.

"Here you go." She hands me a glass of water. I sit down at the table. Its 2:30 am.

"You aren't going to school. You can stay home today." She sighs. I nod.

"I miss him." I say. She looks at me. I see the sudden sadness fill her eyes.

"I miss him too." She says.

"What was my mom like?" I ask.

"She was a good woman. She loved to make people smile. If they weren't happy, she wasn't happy. You have many of her features. Your pretty hazel eyes. Your long brown curly hair. Your smile. You look almost exactly like her. I remember, when she found out that she was pregnant. She was so excited. She was the type of woman that wouldn't take any shit from others. She stood her ground." I smile at the thought of her.

"She sounds amazing." I say.

"She was." I wipe my eyes.

"Now I also know, that your mom, was afraid to share her troubles. She would say share what she thought about people, but she would still hurt deep down. She met someone she loved, and would stop at nothing to make sure they would last, same with him. He wanted to help. She let him. I told her, when you find the one, you can see the sadness in eachothers eyes, and she let knew he could help her if he could tell she was sad." She said.

"Is it my dad?" I ask.

"Yes. He loved her. At first she pushed him away until she looked into his big brown eyes."

I smile.

"Now I heard that, you have a special boy. I think his name is Ashton. He held you close when you cried. He caught you when you fell. He told me he would stop at nothing to make you happy. I also know, that you had gotten into an argument with him. I think you should fix it."

"How did you know?"

"Sweetie, I grew up with your dad as my brother and your mom as my best friend. You get used to things." She smiles.

"You know the right thing to do." She sighs. I nod.


"I remember having these talks with you when you were little. But now its boys. It used to be about dolls and sharing." She laughs. I stand up.

"I'm going to bed." I say hugging her.

"I will too. Goodnight."




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