The Man Behind The Mask

Cameron is just a normal teenage girl obsessed with One Direction. -who isn't, right? When Liam and Niall dresses up as rich teenage boys, they look for someone who likes them for who they are and not for their money or good looks. Cameron falls in love with Liam, clueless of who he is under his disguise.


2. Sleepover

"Cammy!" a high voice yelled.(Cammy was my nickname.) I turned around to see my excited 4 year old sister, Lexi. She jumped into my arms happy to see her older sis was home."Piggy back ride!" she squealed. I swooped her up and slung her on my back. After a few laps around the room, I set her down. "where's daddy?" I asked. "Downstairs watching murder mysterys." she replied in her high pitched voice. Then I heard the doorbell ring. I opened it to see Sam.(We were having a sleepover tonight.) I then was squeezed into a bear hug.

"I love you too, Sam, can you please let me breath now?" I asked suffocated.

"Oh ya sorry. I just missed you so much! It's been ages."

"But, you just saw me yesterday."

"Nevertheless it's been ages."

"okay. Whatever you say, Sam"

"What's for dinner?I'm starving."

"Let me see"

  I skipped over to the refrigerator to see if there was a note from mom. Mom's a doctor and she occasionally leaves notes on the fridge to inform everybody if she'll be working late. On the fridge I found a pink post-it note. It read ,"Won't be home til' around 10. Order pizza or something. Love to all! -Mom" "Pizza's for dinner tonight!" I yelled. "Yes!!" Sam said punching her fist into the air. I heard my 9 year old brother yelling "whoop whoop!" I turned around to see him jumping up and down on the table. He took his shirt off and waved it around in a circle over his head. He was goin' "whoop whoop *fart fart* whoop whoop *fart*"

"Josh, what are you doing?!"

"Doing my victory dance."

"No, you're being gross. Get off the table and stop farting!"

"Sam thought it was funny." I turned around to see her rolling on the floor laughing her head off.

"That's because she's Sam."

"Hey, I heard that!" I heard her yell pertending to be insulted.

"Just put your shirt on." I ordered "I'm going to order the pizza now."

He flung his shirt on the ground and stuck his tongue out. I rolled my eyes. He's not worth it. I dialed Pizza Hut's number. I ordered two pizzas.One pepperoni, the other supreme. I didn't need to order any drinks. We had coke in the fridge. When the pizza came, I announced that the pizza was here-bad idea. Like a stampede everyone came rushing in eating as much as their stomaches could hold and their stomaches could hold alot especially Dad and Max. However I was able to snag a few pieces for me and Sam before both pizzas got demolished. Me and Sam ate in the livingroom watching tv. We screamed as One Direction's performance of "Best Song Ever" came on. "Pipe down!" Josh yelled from the other room. I ignored him. One Direction was the only thing on my mind right now. They're so perfect. I loved everything about them. The pros and the cons. My favorite was Liam, I loved him from the very start of my fandom. Sam liked Niall, she loved him from the start too. I used to think girls that loved celebritys were crazy, until I heard of One Direction. Now I'M that crazy fan. Actually,'crazy' was an understatement. I think the word I'm looking for is 'obsessed'. After the song we went upstairs to my room. When we got there, Sam was looking at my One Direction posters.

"Cammy, I'm dead." I heard her say.

"What are you talking about?"

"Niall. He's so hot. I'm dead."

"tsk tsk tsk I think we all know that Liam is the hottest in One Direction."

"Girl, you need to get your eyes checked, caus' Niall is the hottest. Everyone knows that."

"Okay, Sam. whatever you think... even though Liam's the hottest." I mumbled the last part.

"What did you say?" Sam said rather sassily throwing a pillow at me.

"Oh you wanna go there? Well bring it, sista!" I said laughing.

And then the pillow fight started. I jumped on her back while hitting her head with a pillow. "Cammy, you toats messed up my hair!" she laughed and threw me off of her onto the bed. That's when Josh came in. "What's going on in h--.Hey, let me join in!" he helped Sam corner me and now they both were hitting me with pillows. "I surrender! I surrender!" I yelled laughing. I'll get my revenge later. We decided to watch another movie. A horror film of course. No sleepover is complete without one.At least that's what me and Sam think. "How about I go get the popcorn and root beer floats while you play the movie." I suggested. "Sounds like a plan" Sam replied looking through my movies.I had alot of horror movies so she'll take awhile.I walked down the stairs to see mom was here.It was 12;45am already.

"Hi, Mom!"

"Hi, honey."

"Did Macey have her daughter tonight? Is that why you got here so late?"

"Yes, she did! Little Jenna is so adorable.Looks just like her mom."

"Aww. "

"well, sweetie, I better head to bed.. Night, love you."

"Love you, nite"

I made the root beer floats and popped the popcorn. Then  headed upstairs to see that Sam picked 'The Ring'. It's not the scariest movie, but it's still good. We got to the scary part and I turned to see Sam almost completely covered by my blanket.Her nose and up were the only things not covered. She didn't even finish her float because she didn't want to get out of the covers.Oh well, that makes two for me.

"I'm gonna go to bed now", I said after the movie ended.

"NO! You can't leave me all alone!"

"So you expect me to stay up all night with you?"


"Here, watch this. It should un-scare you." I suggested turning on the tv. I turned on a comedy show.

After a few minutes of watching Bryan Regan, she finally let me go to sleep.

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