geek&cool love forever

to differnten person that fall in love but this part2 this time love breck


1. the anthor girl

yeah rember me in cool boy yup but then a lot of promble now he came yup we know but something not righ this girl is new her kya she go to math she cool and pretter than me we or friend but i think she want my boyfriend frist. why she be stare at my boyfriend all day she ask teacher if alex can hlep her she tell if we breck up and i tell her no i love him so much and he does to  . i think she got mad cuz  her face was red . i told her or you oh ok . she say yes but or you sure alex breck up u . no. oh ok.she said is it oh ok if a

i ask your boyfriend to hlep me on my homework at home . i say sure no promble . kya said thank bye


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