Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


32. Time


~Same Night~


I woke up, about a couple hours later. I was still in the same clothes, still in the closet, and my eyes swollen from all the tears. I stood up and came out of the closet. I went over to the side of my bed to see my clock. It was literally 11:59, I'm not joking. I can't believe I stayed in the closet for hours, it felt like minutes. After I saw the clock, I opened my door. I saw my sister asleep at the doorway, and a paper that seemed to be a note layed beside her. I didn't bother reading it. I dragged my sister over to the side of my bed. I woke her up, and she got on top of my bed, then fell back to sleep.


I looked around to see of my mother was home, she wasn't. Seconds after I entered the living room my butt pocket started to vibrate, my phone. I check it and it was a notification to check on my Cliquesters account.


I grabbed my laptop and check to see what it was. Taylor, she was still writing comments of me. I looked at the chat room that was specifically for my school.



Some people I knew were on, just a few. Others, I didn't know them at all. One of the people i knew was Zoe, she was on. People started talking once they saw I was in the chat room. This is what I saw;



Taylor; oh look, the slut is on (sent 12:05 am)


Zoe; oh shut up taylor, she didn't do anything to your stupid ass (sent 12:06 am)


John; did you hear about that guy she hanged out? ( sent 12:08 am)


Taylor; oh yea, everyone knows (sent 12:10 am)


Scott; I'm lost, so tht guy were da 1 who preten 2 b Danny? (sent 12:11 am)


Taylor; yea, he is just as screwed up as she was (sent 12:13 am)


Zoe; stfu taylor (sent 12:14 am)


Louis; don't you got something else to do you quirs? (sent 12:14 am)


Scott; didn't she try 2 ×_× hrself? (sent 12:16 am)


Stephanie; yea bet she couldn't even open a child cap (sent 12:17 am)


I didn't read anymore, I felt..weird. I didn't feel, sad, or mad, I didn't feel anything. Just, blank, that's all I felt. Nothing. About an hour later my mom finally came home from work.


"Why are you still awake?" She asked, locking the door behind her.


"No school, and I'm just thinking" I answered. 


"Here take one, and of what?" She asked handing me one of the prescription pills the doctor gave to me to make sure I am 'stable'.


"I really don't want to take it, they make me sleepy, and I want to stay awake" I said pushing the pill away from me.


"Well, ok. You don't need to take any if you don't want to, it says it here on the bottel," my mom said pointing at the bottel before continuing.

"So anyway, what are you- wait, have you been crying?" My mom asked taking a good look at my face.


I nodded.


"Why? What happened? " she asked while sitting next to me, pulling me into a cuddle.


"Lou, he made the profile, and I couldn't believe that he would do that. I got mad, and I started to yell at him. He came earlier, and told me" I answered.


"Well, did he say sorry?" She asked.


"Mom, let me tell you a small story. Ok? Just...just listen." I said before telling her a short story.


"There was once this teen couple. They were dating for a while now, and one day, the boy decided to brake up with the girl. The girl, she didn't take it very well, and it broke her heart. The boy saw the tears and replied with the word 'sorry'. The girl looked up at him.

'Grab that bottel behind you' the girl told the boy. The boy grabbed the glass bottel, looking confused. She the told him to throw the bottel onto the ground, in which he did. The bottel, of course, broke into hundreds of little pieces. The girl then told him to say sorry to the bottel. The boy still confused, said sorry toward the bottel. Then the girl spoke again. 'Did saying sorry change the bottel?' The girl asked. The boy said no, the girl then said, 'Exactly, saying sorry doesn't help what has been broken'. So basically the point of telling you the story, is sorry doesn't help" I said, finishing the story.


My mom, simply nodded.


"That's really wise of you to say" my mom said referring to the story. 


"Yea, I made it up" I said. My mom thought in her mind before saying anything further. 


"Well, don't worry darling, everything that is going to happen from now on, will be for the best" my mom said. Before I could ask why, she got up told me goodnight and probably went to bed, leaving me alone in the living room. After thinking about our small conversation, I closed my laptop and went to bed.








~Next Morning~


I woke up the next morning (obviously). But I didn't wake up naturally, my mother woke me.


"Hey get up you got another appointment, but not in your group." She said shaking me to wake up. After I finshed getting dressed, we drove to the building. But this time, my mom came with me. I really wasn't expecting for her to come with.


"Mom, not to sound rude, but why are you coming?" I asked pressing the button for the elevator to arrive.


"Well like I said before, this isn't a group session. Its just gonna be us two and a new therapist." My mom said while we entered the small elevator. After a few mintues of waiting for the therapist, he finally arrived. 


"Hello, please take a seat and we can begin. My name is Dr.Gill but you may call me Gill" he said while shaking my mothers hand.


"Now your original therapist could not be here, but he told me all about the situation so we can just start from where he left off." Gill said.


"So Samantha, do you know who has been causing some of the bullying? Or at least some of it? Karen (my mom) do you know?" Dr.Gill continued. 


"Uh n-" before I could tell him a lie, my mom cut me off.

"Yes we do, Louis, he did something." My mom said, making me regret what I told her last night.


"Can you tell me what happened between you and Louis? Well first off, who is he? A friend? Or your boyfriend? " Dr.Gill asked.

My mom glared at me when she heard the word 'boyfriend' she doesn't like that word too much.


"No, he isn't my boyfriend. He and I were best friends for a very long time. I found out yesterday, that he created the profile." I quickly answered. 


"Have you talk to him since then?" Dr.Gill asked.

"No" I answered.

"Well maybe if we get himto come over to talk about the situation" Gill offered. I didn't want to say yes, or no. I just really didn't want to answer.


"Here, this is uh- Louis' s mothers number. Maybe if you give her a call they will be happy to come" my mom said while writing the number down. I got up from my chair and started pacing back and forth while Gill was making the call.


"Why did you did do that?" I asked my mom while she walked over towards me.


"Look, I'm sorry. But you need to fix this" my mother whispered in my ear.

"He's gonna think I'm after him and I'm not" I whispered back.

"No he's-" my mom said before getting cut off by Dr.Gill, the therapist. 


"Sorry to interupp but his mother said that Louis did agree to come. They will be here in half an hour." Dr.Gill told us.

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