Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


8. No lo hice


--A/N I like to dedicate this chapter to tamilol for letting me know she loves this. So i am updating it! Thanks! For every single one of my readers, thank you all!!--

I went up to my bedroom. I logged back on my Cliquesters what I saw on that, was surprising. I had hundreds of notifications. What the heck? It all posted things like; "Samantha is ugly"
"I hate you"
"I sit next to you and you smell funny"
"That's what skank smells like"
"you're a slut", and "stupid bitch". 

I grew angry; what did I do to come home to this? I continued to acne through the posts on my wall, my heart began to slowly break. Why do I deserve this? l looked threw all my posts, to see what all the campion was about. 

"Hi I'm Samantha and Im a very bad girl, ;)"

What the, what in the world??? When did I ever type that???? I was all over the place, i had hate mail and comments. Teens now-a-days say mean things and mean it. But why me?? How???? I looked at disgust at the comment. How?

 I got a text, "hey check on your Cliquesters! Why did you type that???" It was from Louis. I called him rather than via text message.

"Hey lou I need someone i'll be over in 5 ok???" I hanged up not even waiting for him to answer. I grabbed my laptop and ran downstairs and grabbed my keys to the house. 

"Gabby put your shoes on! We are leaving! Hurry up! No question asked!" She did as I said. "Come on run!" I commanded.

"But I'm tired!!" She whined.
"Then get on my back! Now!!" She jumped on and we ran, well I ran to Louis house. I got her off of me and opened to the to find Louis sitting I the couch staring at the couch.

I could fear tears slowly forming into my eyes.

"Hey Lou, is it cool if Gabby stays here in the living room with your sisters? You now- while we go to your room?" He nodded called after his sisters and while his sisters played with mine me and Lou went upstairs.

I walked in first allowing him locked the door behind us. I ran towards the nearest corner and crawled into a little ball and just started crying my eyes out.

"Samantha, come here" I didn't come up he came to me and hugged me, not letting go until I spoke. 

"Lou," I said while he wiped my tears away, "I didn't write it, I swear, no lo hice" I said.

"Samantha, I don't speak spanish you know that, your really hurt aren't you? You only speak spanish when your really hurt," he said.

"I didn't do it, that's what no lo hice means, Lou I didnt!" I said in a shaky voice trying not to cry even more. I pulled him into a hug again. "Calm down its going to be okay" he said while putting his chin on top of my head and huging me, "its going to be okay..."

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