Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


6. My sister Gabby

~Months later~

It's been already two months (That means next month will be December.) , and I'm kind of getting used to high school. Well, maybe. I still only had Louis and Niall as my coose friends. But niall seemed to get a little bit popular. He was so funny he made faster friends than me and Lou. Louis, on the other hand, now has a reputation. "The trickster" was his reputation well just for the teachers. He played tricks on so many teachers he didnt like. He suspended for like 3 days for showing his bum to a teacher. And me, well I was just Samantha, or as everybody knows me by, Sam.


But I did make one new friend, Harry. He was really nice to me. But me and Harry weren't the kind of friends you hang out with, or like the close kind like me and weirdos. Me and Harry are like the kind of friends that say 'hi' to each other in the hallways, nothing more nothing less. I go to my first period, science when the announcements come on. "Good morning students and faculty. We are going to do something a little differentmthis year. In about 3 weeks we will be hosting our very first Christmas Dance here at this very school. This gives everyone a new chance to meet new friends or ask that special someone to the dance.." Everyone in the class, including the teachers, jumped in excitment. 'Finally, I can meet new friends..' I thought to myself. But for the countdate of the dance, was when all hell broke loose. There was this new website called "Cliquesters" I guess it was supposed to be like facebook, Instagram, MySpace & twitter combine, but surprisingly, it was BETTER than any other social website. Every one has one, so I wanted one, and I got one. In nearly two days I had about 200 hundred followers, all that I don't know. Harry has one, and how do I know? He followed me. I still had a crush on him but it kind of grew larger and larger. I couldn't even look at him without saying or doing something stupid. I was truly, madly, deeply in love with him. But I couldn't let him know that. And like everyone else does, i talked about him to my bestfriends. I couldnt talk to Niall because he was becoming very busy lately. So I talked to Louis about him.


"So um Lou,can I talk to you about something?" I asked.

"Is it about Harry?"


"Look don't go after him"

"Why not?"

"Well one of my friends, she dated him and he broke her heart..she's scared to fall in love again, I don't want you to get hurt sam, I don't." Louis said.

"But me and him will neve-" I was interupped by a notification on Cliquesters. "Hey um, samantha, would you like to go ti the dance withme? I know we don't talk a lot but, I like you, and I wanna take you to the dance, will you?" omg, harry just asked me. My mouth dropped open. "What is it?" Louis asked. I quickly closed my laptop. I shook my head 'nothing'. He knew my weaknesses so he used it angainst me. He tickled me untill I gave him the laptop. He read the email. He looked up at me, "samantha, you kniw what, go ahead but don't say I didnt warn you about him" he seemed mad, sad, and normal at the same time. "But now you mad at me.." I said looking away from his blue eyes. "Look, I'm not mad at you, just, I don't know how to explain how I feel. But I'm still your weirdo" he said making me laugh. "Did I ever tell you I cant stay mad at you?" I said causing both of us laugh. I leaned in for a hug and he excepted it. It was very quiet for the rest of the time, we watch a movie talked about his singing. I loved it when he sang. "Samantha I'm going to tell you something" louis said "one day when I'm going to be famous, and I'm not going to forget you" he said. "Just jeep doing your thing and I promise you will be there." We continued to watch the movie. After it was finshed he left home.


As soon as he left, I had to do it. I logged back on Cliquesters. (A/N btw Cliquesters is not a real website) As soon as I logged on I accepted Harry's proposal to rake me as his date to the winter dance. I can't believe it. I finally going a a date. Would it be called a date? Well I did, so in my point of view it is. Yes, I am going on a date. As soon as I did, I was leaving my room where found my sister at my door. "What are you doing?" I asked. Before I could even tell her to leave she ran toward my computer. "Wow is that Cliquesters? Can you make me one?" Gabby asked. Her name is Gabriella but we all call her 'Gabby'. "No you little brat now get out of my room before i make you!" I yelled at her. "Your gonna regret that" she said. "Gabby, did you just fucking talk back to me? I'm older and i get to tell you what to do!" I said. She repeated it again, "your gonna regret saying that too". "THAT'S IT!" I yelled running towards her. We started to fight. Well until my mom came in and broke us apart. "CAN YALL JUST STOP FIGHING FOR A SECOND?!" my mom yelled. "GO TO YOUR ROOM GABRIELLA! " she yelled. "Yea you little twerp" I said while walked to her room. "And you too, hurry up and get ready for bed your gonna be late for sch-" I interupped her, "yea whatever". "what the heck did you just tell me? You better not say anything back or ill rake your computer away and you won't see Louis or Niall, and I don't care if they are your bestfriends!" She said in a whisper so my sis wont hear. 'Mofo' I said too low for her to hear. I took a shower and fell asleep. 

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