Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


28. Group Session

"Well, my name is Dr.Mill, I am your therapist. Now lets all go around, introduce our selves, and tell us why we are here today. Samantha, will you start?" The man said.


"Um, my name is Samantha. I love to do many things, I love music. And, the reason why I'm here, its because, well. I have been bullied to the point where..I wanted to end my life." I said while glancing around.


"Good, anyone else?" Dr.Mill asked.


"My name is Zoe, and I also have been bullied, verbally. And I attempted to run away from home, but I ended up not going through it."


"Your not alone, next?" Dr.Mill said. ( A/N I'm prob just gonna call him Dr.M Is that fine? Ok.)


"Um, I also been bullied, my name is Jose. I have been thinking real bad and my mom just decided to take me here" the boy said while looking at me.


"Uh, I'm Zayn, and I'm here because I'm here because I'm your nephew" the boy joked while looking at Dr.M.


"Oh yea, this is Zayn, and he is well my nephew" Dr.M said. Others told there story many of there sroies where of bullying.


"Ok well what are some ways you can do to prevent bullying? " Dr.M asked.


"Tell a teacher" A girl named Emma said.


"Yea but they won't do anything" I said.


"What are some other ways?" Dr.M asked.


"Fight back," Emma said again.


"Good, how many of you tried that? Tried to fight back? Maybe call someone a word? Anyone?" Dr.M asked.


"I called Taylor some words in Spanish, like estupida. Meaning dumbass." I said.


"Taylor? Wait, are you the one who is friends with Louis?" Zoe and Emma said at the same time.


"Yea." I answered. 


"She's been bullying me too" Emma said.

"Yea same here" Zoe said.


"Well this is good, since you all go to the same school you can all group up together and fight. Not physically, verbally. Stand up towards her"

Dr.M said.


Through the rest of the appointment we talked more about ourselves. When it had gotten sadder Zayn made us all laugh, causing him to get in trouble. But, after that appointment, I didn't feel as alone. Maybe I did need this.





Hey Zoe, I hope you don't mind if I used you earlier? And omg! Zayn has FINALLY entered the story! Don't worry, he will be in more parts of the story. Sorry for the wait! Anyway, I again wanted to say a massive thank you for all of my readers and squishies! I love you all! 




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