Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


41. 🎶 eveybody everybody wants to love? 🎶

__A/N Ok so before you start reading, i made a small key.

    🎶=Like a song is playing. 

     ♪=Somebody is singing.___



 <><><>Same Day <><><>


As we ate we started to talk about how we were doing and such. Zoe and Jasmine, they are really easy to talk to. I told them about , y parent's divorce, how the whole bully thing started, and I told them how me, Louis and Niall were the best of friends.


"You, my friend, are my new idol" Zoe said while a smile.

"Me? Why me?"

"Because you're strong about this whole thing." She replied. 

"Well it hasn't been the easiest road, but when I'm around friends, I feel, cared for, and actually accepted in life. You know?" I explained. 

"Yea I get it" Zoe answered. 


"Ok well moving onto the next topic," Jasmine began as she handed us our drinks.

"Are you gonna show Harry you're dress today or..?" She asked.

"I'm gonna surprise him on the day of the dance" I answered. 

"Ooooo" Jasmine & Zoe said at the same time.


<><><>At Jasmine & Harry's home <><><>


"Hey can I leave my dress in your trunk so harry won't see it?" I asked Jasmine.


"Yea its fine" she answered, placing my bag in her trunk.

"Um well me and Zoe will leave you alone with Hazza, and we will just stay upstairs" Jasmine explained as she unlocked her feont door. I answered with a nodd.


"THERE THEY ARE!" Harry yelled as he got up from the car.

"Bow down to your Queens!" Zoe joked.

"Well I'm kidnapping one of you" Harry said as he pulled me into a hug.

"That's fine. Hey sam, we'll be in my room" Jasmine said.

I answered in a nod,still in Harry's arms.


"I...can't...breathe" I said.

"Sorry I just missed you" Harry said leting me go.

"It's fine. What do you wanna do?" I asked.

"How about we stuff our faces, and be lazy?" Harry suggested, leading me to the couch.


"I already ate but I like the lazy part" I replied.

"Ok" Harry chuckled. We watched family guy for awhile. It was silent, but not as in a awkward silence, but a comfortable silence. 


"So what did you girls do?" He asked.


"What did you buy..?"

"Nothing much" I lied.

"You said you ate? What did you eat?" Harry said, changing the subject.


"I don't remember" I replied. 

"Well lets see" Harry said before leaning in for a short, but sweet kiss.

"Fries?" He guessed. 

"Yea" I answered. He leaned in for another short kiss but this time it was really passionate. 

"I love you..."Harry whispered, pulling apart from the kiss.

"I....I love you too" I stuttered. 


Before we we said anything else, my ringtone came on.

🎶Somethings, we don't talk about, rather do without🎶

It was nothing but a text message.

'Hey' it was from some number I didn't really care about.


"How was that?" Harry asked.

"Wrong number"

"No, the song."

"Never say never by The Fray" I replied.

"You like the fray?" Harry asked.

"Yea, Lou introduced me to them. Not like personally but like their music" I explained.

"Can you put it on?" Harry asked.

"Yea sure." I put on the song on.

" ♪Don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go♪" Harry sang. My mouth dropped open with shock. He sang? Harry turned to face me, immediately stopping his singing.

"Sorry I just-" Harry said before I cut him off.

"You, you sing beautiful. Keep on going" I encouraged him.

"No I don't"

"Harry, trust me. I don't lie, and yes you do"

"No I don't"

"No listen to me. This is the second time I heard you sing. Promise me that you'll embrace it? And keep that promise. Keep it" I demanded. 



"No freakin buts!" I joked.

"Ok, I promise." Harry replied.

"And one thing," harry added.


"The school year is almost over. Promise me that you won't forget about me"

"I promise, as long as you won't forget about me I said. 

"Deal" Harry said before locking our deal with a short kiss.


Again, my phone rang but its wasn't a text.

🎶Everybody everybody everybody wants to love🎶


"Hello?" I asked

"Hey come home its gettin late" the voice answered

"Oh, ok. I'll walk home?" I answered realizing it was my mom.

"I'm picking you up. I'm outside already"

"Ok bye" I said before hanging up.


"Hey babe, I gotta go. But I'll see you at school tomarrow" I said as we both stood up from the couch.

"Ok love you" Harry said before giving me a goodbye kiss. 

"Tell the girls that I said bye." I said before leaving his house.

I was about to open my door when a voice screamed my name.

"SAMANTHA! " Jasmine yelled.

"Your dress" she said lowering her voice. She handed me my dress from the trunk of her car. 

"Thanks so much for everything" I said as she hugged me goodbye. 

"Don't mention it." She replied. 

"SAMANTHA! !" Another voice called out, Harry this time.

"Just wanted to say bye" he said givin me a goodbye hug. After I said my byes, again. I sat in the front seat in the car.


"Who was that boy?" My mom asked.

"Harry" Gabby answered for me.

"Harry?" My mom asked.

"Yea, my boyfriend" I explained.

"He is cute" my mom complimented. 

"Yea, he is." I answered. 

"What's in here?" Gabby asked opening my bag.

"Oh yea I forgot, me, Jasmine and Zoe went to the mall to buy me my dress" I explained as my mom stopped at a red light.

"Did they buy a dress too?" My mom asked.

"Yea they left their at Zoe's house so Jasmine won't loose hers" I explained. 

"Ooo its really pretty" Gabby explained. 

"Thanks" I replied. 


After about fifteen mintues of talking about my day, we finally arrived home. I quickly placed my dress neatly in my closet before taking my shower. After taking a shower I had a little snack, then fell asleep.

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