Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


10. Caught

~Two hours later~
I guess I fell asleep or something;but my surroundings are unfamiliar. I notice that Louis' arm is around me and I'm in his room; oh yea I remember. My face felt swollen from all the crying. I shook Louis trying to wake him up.

"Hey lou?" I whispered.

"Samantha? Your still here?" He said in a sleepy tone. He closed his eyes again, and fell asleep. I looked at his phone, 7:30. CRAP! My mom, Is she home yet? I felt a vibration in my butt pocket.

"Hey sam I'm in traffic I'll be home probably around 9 ok? Love you and put ur sis to bed already."

It was from my mom. Yes, I still have time. I got up slowly from his arms and accidentally trip over something. What was it? I look down to stare at the floor; it was my laptop. All the memories from earlier flushed into my mind. A tear slowly ran down my cheek. I'm going to take care of this. I'm old enough to take care of myself and handle my own problems.

"That wasn't me who wrote that everyone" I posted on my wall. All that I need was to wait to see what people would respond. In about 20 seconds I got a comment. 

"Whatever, I think that's the only reason why Harry asked you out for the dance instead of me" it was from Taylor. I hated her. She was the school bully. She's the kind of teen you see who brings down anyone to bring herself to the top. She used to date Harry, until they broke up, well thats what Niall told me. I scanned though her profile. I hated her even more and more. I looked at Louis, he was asleep on the floor, just laying there istead of his bed. I went to sneak a peek downstairs to find the girls watching a movie. I crept back into Louis room grabbed my things. I wrote a note saying that I was leaving and thanking him for allowing me to stay for that short time.

"Hey gabby, lets go." I said, reaching the bottom of the stairs.

 "mom's about to get home and you need to go to bed"
"But I'm not sleepy, and I'm hungry" she said.
"But we need to go"
"Can I spend the night?" Gabby asked sweetly.

"School" I said.

"Ugh, ok, bye girls we can finish the movie tomorrow?"
Gabby asked in a question sort-of-way facing me.

"Well tomarrow is friday so yea I guess now lets go,thanks girls, oh and lou fell asleep on the floor, so yea" I said while hugging his sisters. I knew lou so long his family was like my family. "Well you might see him in the morning with a mustache" Charlotte said with a smirk.

"Haha ok bye, take pic will ya?" I said with a smile. They nodded and we left. 

"So gabby what did you do?" She told me that she ate, made a mess with the girls and watch the movie. By the time she finshed I saw my moms car pass us.

She also noticed and she faced me. She feared of getting in trouble with our mother.

"Gabby go run to your room, change your clothes,  and go to sleep, mom doesn't know so keep quiet, run go your window is open use the ladder on the ground by the garden. I put it there a couple weeks ago. Go get up there now go!"

I said fast, she ran walked up the ladder and did what I said. I, on the other hand ran as fast as I could, cracked open my window and crawled in. Gabby made it. I, not so much. While I was crawling up the pipe trying to open the window, a voice scared me causing me to fall. "What are you doing samantha?!?" My mom. How can she always catch me?

"Um trying to open my window from the outside?" I said in the form of a question.
"Inside now" she demanded. We walked in and sat at the kitchen table.

"Spill it" my mom said, (a/n her name is Karen btw)

"I don't know what you are referring to" I lied;hoping to get away with this.

"Tell me or I'm going to ground you" "I can't"

"Samantha, 1.." my mom said.
"I can't"
"3! Give me your computer!" She yelled grabbing the laptop. I tugged at the laptop as she handled the opposite part.


I tugged once more before pulling it away from her grasp.

"Someone hacked in my Cliquesters and wrote something! !" I yelled.

"What happened? " she asked. I told her everything from the second I read the note on the door to the time she caught me on the pipe trying to crawl into my room. Tears were falling from my tears.

"Sammie, don't do that" I guess "that" referred to me crying. She picked up my chin.
"You've been crying all night haven't you?" I nodded. She glanced at my laptop.

"Shut it down" she said. "Mom if I do that then THEY win. You told me, if you want the rainbow then you got to put with the rain." I said with tears still falling.

"I didn't tell you to, just an option" she said. "Here" I gave her the keys to the house and went back upstairs. I couldn't talk to her any further, I didn't have the energy nor the effort to argue. Thinking I was asleep, my mom went to bed. I was on my bed under the sheets with my laptop. 

"Hey Taylor, at least I'm not a gold digger you bitch" I wrote on her comment she made towards me. I went to one of the 'chat rooms'. Everybody was talking about me.

"I promise I never wrote that comment!!!" I wrote.

"Well speaking of the devil" one person wrote.
"Isn't she friends with Niall and Louis?" Another wrote.

"They are prob only her friends because she a slut." Taylor wrote that comment. I hated her every second more of that moment.

"At least I'm not a stupid blonde like you are!" I wrote back to her

"Whore" she wrote.

"Estupida" I wrote in Spanish. It means stupid in spanish. When I'm angry or sad I speak in spanish.

 "Go back to mexico" she said

"Go back to the south blonde" I wrote.

"Stupid bitch" she wrote

"White girl" I responded. I didn't write anymore or read anymore. I logged off and fell asleep.

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