Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


24. Accents

(Sorry for no picture)--A/N hey my squishies its Samantha again. (A.K.A Sam) Anyway, I started a new movella. I'm sorry for not updating normally as I usually do. Sorry! Oh and, can you please give my new movella a chance? Please? It would mean a lot for me!!!! Please?????? Thanks! I ♥ My Squishies!---


~Sarah's P.o.v~


After me and Harry finished talking, somehow we started talking about Louis & Niall.


"So, you Louis and Niall are close huh?" Hary asked.


"We knew each other for a long time. I'm still friends with Louis, but Niall, he became, so busy for us. So he stopped hanging out woth me..and you know what he said to me when I went to lunch." I answered


"Yea, he stopped hanging out wih you because" Harry hesitated. 


"Its ok Harry, you can talk about it..its fine..really" i said looking into his eyes.


"..with you because of the whole bullying thing" Harry said about to stop at a red light.


" can we listen to more music Harry?" I asked. Harry turned on the radio.


"HOLD ON!" I said while turning down the music.


"You scared me! And yea?" Harry said while playfully punching my arm.


"Can you teach me to speak in a british accent? Likes yours? Please?" I asked.


"Yea, of course, but when we get to my flat" Harry said.


"Flat? As in your house?" I asked probably sounding like an idiot.


"Yea" Harry giggled. I turned back on the radio. "Someone Like You" came on the radio. But this time, instead of me singing Harry sang.


~Arriving at Harry's House~


Harry got out of car and opened my door. 'What a gentleman' I thought. As I got out of the car, Harry closed. As we walked up his front door, Harry accidentally tripped. He scrapped his knee. He was bleeding. I guess he saw the blood and past out. 


"*gasp* Harry?" I shouted. All sudden I heard a ring, it was Harry's phone. It was a call.


"Hello?" I answered. 

"Hey who are you?" The person asked.

"Who are you?" I asked back.


"I'm Samantha, Harrys friend. Look he's hurt and I need help, we're at his home" I said while trying to pick harry up.

"I'm on my way, I'm a block away" Liam said hanging up the phone.

Within seconds i saw a boy come running up towards me.

"Liam?" I asked. He picked up Harry. I opened the door.

"Yes, look, go see if there is any bandages and medicine. " Liam instructed. I nodded. I ran to almost every room, looking for the bathroom. After the 3rd time of opening doors, I found a bathroom. I got bandages and ran towards the couch in which Harry laid.

"Here" I said handing Liam the items.


After 5 minutes of Liam covering up the wound and telling him what happened, Liam had gone to the bathroom. When he left upstairs I sat on the floor besides Harry. I sat there just waiting. Then we woke up.


"What happened? " he asked causing me to jump. I told him all the events. 


"Oh, I'm so sorry. You shouldn't be worrying about this" Harry said while sitting up hiding his face with his hands. I moved his hands out of the way.


"Harry, it's fine. It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself for this." I said.

Harry smiled. There was a silent moment. "Um thanks" Harry said while I still held his hand in mine.

"Your hands are soft" Harry said still looking at my hands.


"T-th-thanks" I stuttered looking in his emerald green eyes.


"Samantha, I'm sorry" Harry said, still looking into my eyes.

Before I could say anything he held my hand, they intertwined with each other. I was staring at our hands make that transaction. I looked up. Harry, he was leaning in. Coming closer and closer.

"Your lips look soft too" Harry said. Only inches away from each other Harry, and I.

"Th-thanks" I answered. After I spoke, our lips met. Our lips moved side to side. My hands were no longer holding his, they were around his neck.

Harry's right hand was pushing my head closer towards him. His left hand around my back, holding me. I smiled between the kisses. His lips, they moved from mine to my neck. Harry was laying small, gentle kisses on my neck. I picked up his chin and our lips met again. Then Liam came back.


"Did he wake up yet?" Liam asked while comming down the stares. Harry & I quickly pulled away from each other.


"Yea, I did" Harry said touchig his bottom lip with his index finger.

"Good" Liam said sitting on the couch also. I had already sat on the couch when me and Harry kissed. I was on the left of Liam. When Liam came back, he sat in the middle off Harry and I. We all watched films. Later on they both taught me how speak in british accents.


"So, can you teach us american accent?" Harry asked.

"Yea, but can I please have some water please?" I asked. Harry stood up and showed me towards the kitchen. 


"Harry I just wanted to say thank you" I said.

"Say it in the accent" Harry said. I repeated my sentence again.

"Why do you want me to say it like thay Harry? " I asked normally.

"Cause its kinda hot when you tey to speak like that." Harry answered. I giggled. When I finshed the water I placed the cup in the sink when I felt arms go around my waist. I turned around, Harry.

"Yes, how may I help you Mr.Syles?" I asked in my british accent.

He simply gave me a kiss on my cheek then picked me up and placed me on the counter.

"Yes Harry? Why did you place me here?" I asked while slowly talking back in my normal voice. 

"Samantha, I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend? Please? " Harry asked, hesitating a lot. I could tell he was nervous. My heart started beating a millions times faster. Then I spoke;


"Yes, I would like that" I said. Harry then lifted me off the counter and spun me around.

"Harry, Samantha come on! I wanna get better at my american accent" Liam shouted from the living room. Harry gave me a quick peck on my lips and we walked back into the living room side by side.


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