Super Sized

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia Davis and I live a perfectly normal life... Or so i wish. Well you see I use to have 5 best friends until I turned 17. When I turned 17 my parents got a divorce, I had to start wearing glasses, and not to mention I gained 30 pounds. I had stomach fat hanging over my pants, my thighs became big, and my arms as well. I became known as Tubby around the school even to my best friends. But one in particular day my dad asks me to move to London with him little did I know my old friends were moving there with there families as well. I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and said all of this needs to change so I made the move and started working out and got back to my size of 120. What will everyone think of me now? Will I get my friends back? Or will I always remain tubby to everyone?


16. Seeing the boys

Niall's POV

6 months ago I saw Lyssa for the first time in years.

We met up and decided that we were ready to be together again, and I couldn't be anymore happier. 

"Babe why haven't I seen Talia in a while? Do you guys still talk?" Lyssa asked breaking me out of my thought.

"I'm not sure, I haven't talked to her nor have I seen her in 6 months." I said placing my hand on her knee.

I continued to rub her knee until I saw Harry and Zayn walk in.

"Hey lad what are you doing here?" Zayn asked and Lyssa tensed.

I rubbed her knee to calm her down .

"Just hanging out with Lyssa." I smiled awkwardly to him.

"Are you together?" Harry asked.

I looked over at her to know if it's okay to tell them .

She nodded .

"Yes we are back together." I said swallowing my spit afterwards.

"Hmm. Thats great news. How's Ketsia?" Harry asked rubbing his chin.

"She's fine. As well as the other girls." Lyssa said crossing her leg over the other.

"Are they comi..." Zayn started but was cut off by the door opening.

In walked Liam and the other girls with a girl who looked familiar but I wasn't sure who she was.

Talia's POV

On our way to meet with the boys Liam asked if it was alright if he could pick up Nia, Ketsia, and Emely. I didn't mind so I told him to go on. He told me that him and Nia had gotten back together after he confronted her about not telling him about his daughter, while Ketsia and Emely are still single. We got the girls and headed to the clubhouse.

*********Skipping Ride***********

We got to the clubhouse and and filed out of the car. Liam opened the door for us girls and we stepped inside then he lead the rest of the way. I heard talking then it stopped when we entered the room.

"Hey guys and Lyssa!" Liam said giving them manly hugs but Lyssa a regular hug.

"Hey girls!" Niall said waving at us.

The girls waved back as well as I. 

"Care to introduce us to your friend Liam?" Zayn asked eyeing me.

"You guys already know her, so why would I introduce her?" Liam asked.

I smiled at Liam then the guys clicked on to it.

"Talia!" They exclaimed.

"That's me" I said laughing.

"Oh my god you look amazing!" Lyssa and Niall exclaimed. 

"Thank you" I said spinning around so they could see all of me.

"What's all the ye... Talia?" Louis said walking out from the back room.

"Hey Louis" I said smiling.

"What happened to you?" he asked walking around me in circles.

"I lost weight" I said in a duh tone.

"I can see that" he said, his voice drifting.

I smiled and took a seat next to Lyssa. Zayn walked by looked at me and licked his lips. I shook my head and thought back to that day in the airport when he kissed me. Harry then walked by and took a seat next to me. 

"Did you lose all that weight for me?" he asked placing a hand on my thigh.

I threw his hand off of me and walked to the bathroom down the hall and around the corner. I started to shut the door but a foot stopped it, then a body forced its way in.

"What the...." I started but a larger hand covered my mouth.

"Don't scream your going to draw attention." A voice I recognized as Harry said. 

"What do you want?" I asked calmly.

"You. And I want you now." he demanded.

"Too damn bad because you can't have me" I said pushing him aside.

"Why is that?" he asked biting down on his lip.

"Watch and see" I said walking out the bathroom.

When I came out, I walked over to where Louis was standing and placed my hands on his shoulders, stood on my tippy toes and kissed his neck since I couldn't reach his lips.

"Talia?" Louis said.

I stared at him seductively, and stood back on my tippy's, this time he smashed his lips onto mine.

"PDA GUYS!" Niall yelled.

We pulled apart smiling at each other. I turned around and looked at Harry who seemed to be pissed.

"How about we get out of here" Louis said leaning down and whispering in my ear.

I nodded my head and grabbed my jacket that I set down earlier.

"Sorry to cut this short, but me and Talia are going to get going now." he said grabbing my hand and leading me towards the door.

"Bye!" everyone but Harry and Zayn said, they just glared at me.


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