Super Sized

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia Davis and I live a perfectly normal life... Or so i wish. Well you see I use to have 5 best friends until I turned 17. When I turned 17 my parents got a divorce, I had to start wearing glasses, and not to mention I gained 30 pounds. I had stomach fat hanging over my pants, my thighs became big, and my arms as well. I became known as Tubby around the school even to my best friends. But one in particular day my dad asks me to move to London with him little did I know my old friends were moving there with there families as well. I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and said all of this needs to change so I made the move and started working out and got back to my size of 120. What will everyone think of me now? Will I get my friends back? Or will I always remain tubby to everyone?


4. Graduation Day

Yesterday it was one of the best days I've had in awhile. I woke up today with the biggest smile on my face I have ever had. I heard my father calling my name. I put on my new outfit I bought yesterday then I ran downstairs.

"Yes dad?" I said smiling

"I have a question for you." He looked at me

"Okay what is it?"

"Would you like to move to London with me? For a whole new start?"

I didn't know what to say at first. I mean I can finally get away from these hurtful jerks?

"Yes dad I would love to!" I smiled

After I ate headed on my way to the school for my graduation. No more bullying. No more jerks. Just sweet escape. I found Debbie she was already in her seat. I made my way over to her.

"Debbie guess what!" I said happily

"What?" She looked at me with curiousness

"I'm moving to London!"

"What? When!?"

"I don't know but some time after graduation."

We heard our oh so beloved principal started speaking about our class. After 15 minutes he started calling up names.

"Louis Tomlinson"

The girls all yelled and screamed.

"Harry Styles"

Again screams and yelling

"Liam Payne"

Really what is wrong with these girls??

"Niall Horan"

There wasn't as many screams I felt bad for him, a bunch of girls say he shouldn't be near the others which is shit.

"Zayn Malik"

More stupid girly screams.

Then he called my name and there were a lot of people booing at me. I just smiled as I walked across the stage. Never let your enemies see you hurt.

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