Super Sized

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia Davis and I live a perfectly normal life... Or so i wish. Well you see I use to have 5 best friends until I turned 17. When I turned 17 my parents got a divorce, I had to start wearing glasses, and not to mention I gained 30 pounds. I had stomach fat hanging over my pants, my thighs became big, and my arms as well. I became known as Tubby around the school even to my best friends. But one in particular day my dad asks me to move to London with him little did I know my old friends were moving there with there families as well. I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and said all of this needs to change so I made the move and started working out and got back to my size of 120. What will everyone think of me now? Will I get my friends back? Or will I always remain tubby to everyone?


21. Day Out

Talia's POV

"Rise and shine princess" I heard someone say.

I stirred in my sleep, feeling myself being shook. I rolled over to my side and pulled the cover up to my neck. 

"Tals wake up" someone repeated.

I opened my eyes and just laid there for a minute or two before I turned over.

"Your a hard sleeper, just like me" dad said smiling.

"Yeah, I know. It used to piss mom off." I replied laughing.

"Okay well anyway, I haven't got to spend time with you since you've been here so today we're going out" he said standing from the bed.

"Do you know if we'll be back before 7?" I asked sitting up.

"We should be back by 4 why?" he asked.

"I have a date tonight" I said throwing my feet over the bed looking for my slippers on the floor.

"Is it with Louis?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

"Yes dad it is" I said getting out of bed.

"Oh alright then make your way downstairs after you shower, because we're picking up breakfast along the way." he said walking out of the room.

I walked over to the door and closed it. I wonder if Amy is coming? I shrugged my shoulders and walked in the bathroom. I pulled my toothpaste out of the cabinet and and grabbed my toothbrush that was on the edge of the sink. I began brushing my teeth and spit out the paste when I was done. I grabbed a face towel and washed my face. I stripped out of my clothes and turned on some warm water. I stepped in the tub letting the water rain down on me. 

*Skipping Bath*

I wrapped a towel around my body and another on my head. I opened the door to the bathroom releasing the steam into the room. I waltzed over to my closet and opened the doors. I walked inside in search for an outfit. I ran over to the window and opened it, sticking my arm out to feel the temperature. I drew it back in and resumed to the closet. I pulled out a light pink knitted sweater, light blue wash jeans, and brown wedge ankle booties. I grabbed matching underclothing sets and threw the clothes in the bed. I went back into the bathroom with the underclothing and shut the door. I latched my bra and pulled on my undies and applied some eyeliner and lipgloss. I took the towel off my head and let the damp curls hang. I came out of the bathroom and walked over to the bed and got dressed. I looked up at the window and saw Louis standing at his window looking into mine. I turned and walked out of my room and downstairs.

"Its about time" dad said coming out of the living room.

"Where's Amy?" I asked stepping down the last stair.

"Right here" she said rushing down the hall.

"Alright then lets go" Dad said opening the door and stepping back so we can go out first.

"Oh almost forgot my purse." I said rushing back in the house and up the stairs.

I ran in the room grabbed the purse and my phone and ran back downstairs and out the door.

"Women" I heard my dad mumble.

I slightly chuckled in climbed in the backseat of his car.

*Skipping Ride*

"What is this place" I asked looking in admiration at the place in front me.

"It's the mall" my dad said chuckling.

"Wow its way bigger than the one in America" I said laughing.

"Where did you go to get your clothes" Amy asked.

"A little shop not far from the house" I said shrugging.

"Okay heres the pattern food court, movie, and shopping for the date" dad said clapping his hands like they do at a football game.

"Wait. What date?" Amy asked looking confused.

"Tals has a date with Louis" dad said dancing a little bit.

"And you didn't tell me." Amy said pretending to be hurt.

"You left last night, but you know now." I said laughing.

"Alright lets go." dad said dragging us.

We got in the mall and decided to have breakfast at McDonalds.

"McGriddles!" we said at the same time.

"Thank you for choosing McDonalds, how may I serve you?" asked a boy who looked as if he didn't want to be here.

"I'll take six McGriddles." dad said pulling out his wallet.

"Your total will be $7.48" the guy said looking up for the first time and look delighted when he did.

"Hello I'm Michael" he said flicking his hair.

"Talia" I said chuckling.

"Pretty name, for a pretty girl" he said flirting.

I nodded my head dismissing him and his flirtatious ways.

"I look way different when I'm not in work clothes." he said still going.

"Uhh right" I said turning to walk away with dad and Amy.

"The youth today" dad mumbled.

"Whatever dad" I said laughing.

We finished our breakfast, sharing jokes and laughs. We're still good on time it's 12:30 and the movie is going to be about 1hr 45min. We decided on watching Insidious: Chapter 2. Throughout the movie on the scary parts I grabbed on to a random boy who was sitting next to me. I know I made him mad because he got up and moved to a different seat. 

"I'm never watching another scary movie with you two again" dad said.

"What? Why not?" Amy asked.

"You two screamed throughout the whole thing and you Talia were grabbing on to every person who sat next to you" he said laughing.

"Well sorry for being girls" I said crossing my arms.

"Where do you want to get your outfit from?" dad asked.

"I know for sure I want a dress, not to dressy and not to casual." I said using my hands to talk.

"I know the perfect shop" Amy said clapping her hands together.

She grabbed my hand as well as daddy's and ran towards the shop dragging us along.

"We're here! We're here!" she said jumping up and down like a little kid in a candy store, earning glares from everyone.

"Alright honey, be calm people are starting to stare" Dad said calming her down.

"Sorry" she whispered, walking the shop.

We spent minutes searching racks while dad sat down on the bench watching. 

"Tals! Look at this" Amy said walking over with a cute sweater and dress. 

"Thats pretty" I said taking the clothes from her hands.

"Go try it on" she said throwing the other clothes she had to the side.

We quickly walked over to the dressing room and found a stall. I undressed from my clothes in a rush to see how the outfit would look on me. I quickly put it on and looked myself over.

"perfect" I said under my breath.

I opened the door to see Amy staring with her hands clasped over her mouth.

"Tals you look perfect." she said looking as if she was going to cry.

"Thanks, I'm going with this." I said spinning around.

"While you were in there I picked out some shoes that would be straight gorgie" she said picking the shoe box up.

I slid the shoes on my feet and zipped them up. I just added two inches to my height, but the shoes are absolutely beautiful.

"Oh my god. I've never seen a more perfect outfit then this" Amy said taking my hand and spinning me around.

"Alright lets pay for these items." Amy said.

"Dad lets go" I said distracting him from whatever he was doing on his phone.

He got off of the bench and walked up to the cash register with us.

"Did you find everything okay?" the girl asked looking up.

"Yes" my dad said.

"Thats great your total $54.60" she said putting the shoebox in a bag.

Dad swiped his card and typed in his pin code. He took the receipt from the lady and stuck it inside the bag. And walked out the store with me and Amy following behind. 

*Skipping Car Ride*

"Well that was a great way to start the day. Thanks dad" I said getting out of the car and grabbing my bags.

"Your welcome princess" he replied kissing the top of my head.

I wasted another hour before I decided it was time to get ready.


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