Super Sized

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia Davis and I live a perfectly normal life... Or so i wish. Well you see I use to have 5 best friends until I turned 17. When I turned 17 my parents got a divorce, I had to start wearing glasses, and not to mention I gained 30 pounds. I had stomach fat hanging over my pants, my thighs became big, and my arms as well. I became known as Tubby around the school even to my best friends. But one in particular day my dad asks me to move to London with him little did I know my old friends were moving there with there families as well. I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and said all of this needs to change so I made the move and started working out and got back to my size of 120. What will everyone think of me now? Will I get my friends back? Or will I always remain tubby to everyone?


20. Clubbing

Emely POV

"Ahhh! We look amazing" Ketsia squealed jumping up and down.

"Like hell we do" Nia said admiring herself in the mirror.

"Talia hurry up, we want to get in for free" I said yelling up the stairs.

"I'm coming" she said standing at the top of the stairs.

"Woah baby!" I said grabbing her hand we she got on the last step.

"Thank you" she said blushing.

"Alright lets go girls we got 20 mins before the free thing is over" Nia said.

"Ooo let's take two cars so we can look hot" Ketsia said.

"Okay we'll take Talia's and my car" I said walking out the door.

"Alright then" Talia said following after me.

I walked over to my car with Ketsia, while Nia went with Talia.


Talia's POV

"I can't believe I'm actually going clubbing" I said to Nia.

"Is it your first?" she asked.

"Yeah, I've never had the courage to go out to places like this" I responded turning off the car.

"Well theres a first time for everything right?" Nia asked opening the door.

I opened the door and stepped out and walked over to Nia side earning whistles from some boys that passed by. The girls soon joined us and we hurried to the line which was short, I imagined it to be longer like in the movies. I turn had finally come and we were the last ones who got in on the free mark.

"Wow its super loud" I said covering my ears so they can indicate what I had said.

"Let's head up to VIP after we get some drinks!" Emely yelled over the loud music. 

We headed over to the bar pushing past sweaty people. We made it to the bar and took a seat in the nearest seats.

"Surprise us!" Ketsia yelled to the bartender.

He nodded his head and start mixing stuff and poured them into four shots.

"Drink up ladies" he said sliding us our drinks.

We poured the shots up and laughed at our sour faces. 

"Let's head up to VIP now!" Emely said.

We danced our way over to the VIP section and sat down. Like I said I'd imagined the VIP would be packed and have celebrities like in the movies. I looked down below at the people and saw two familiar faces. 

"Hey did one of you invite the boys!" I yelled over the music.

They shook their heads no and continued to bop to the music. 

"I'll be back!" I yelled to them.

"Where are you going?" Nia asked.

"I'm going to the bar to try a drink, that I've heard about on movies." I said getting up.

"I'll come with you" she said standing as well.

We walked down the stairs and walked back over to the bar.

"Welcome back ladies" the bartender said smiling.

"Thanks, umm can I have a Apple Martini?" I asked smiling back.

"Me too" Nia said.

"Coming right up" he replied bending down to pull out the drinks.

"So how's th.." I started to ask Nia but somebody covered my eyes.

I quickly spun around and peeled the hands off of me to see Louis with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Hey babe!" he shouted.

"Hi" I said plainly, and turning around.

"Can we talk for a minute?" he asked.

I looked at Nia and she nodded her head telling me to go on. I got off of the stool and followed Louis to a quiet area in the back of the club.

"Why are you acting so strange?" Louis asked jumping right to the point.

"What are you talking about?" I asked folding my arms.

"Well after we... you know, you acted kind of strange and immediately left." he said with a bit of hurt.

"It was nothing I had something to do" I lied.

"Oh really, because I saw you and Harry in your window." he said slightly angered.

"It wasn't what it looked liked, Louis" I said defending myself.

"You didn't stop him when he kissed you and walked you back to the bed" he said still angry.

"I did stop him when he was about to take my towel off" I said backing away.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him.

"Sorry I was jealous" he said placing his forehead on mine and looking me in the eyes.

"Its alright" I said placing my heads on his neck.

He pulled me closer and hugged me.

"I better be getting back to Nia" I said letting go.

He nodded his head, and I walked off feeling him watching me.

I returned to the bar and saw Nia talking to Liam. I took my previous seat and finished off my drink. I was stirring the toothpick around in the glass when I felt someone kiss the back of my neck. I smiled and turned around thinking I was going to see Louis. But to my surprise it was no other than the one and only Harry.

"Harry what are you doing?!" I asked.

"Finishing what we started!"He said leaning down again.

"No you aren't!" I said getting up to walk away.

I looked back and made sure he was still standing there, which to my dismay he was. I walked into the ladies room and looked myself in the mirror. It wasn't anyone in here but me. I heard two people walk in then the lock of the door. 

"Did you wear that dress for me?" Zayn slurred.

"I think she wore it for me" Harry slurred after him.

"Guys your drunk I think you should go." I said backing up and making sure I circled so I wouldn't back into a wall.

"Ahhh! Spider! A big one!" I yelled pointing to the mirror.

The boys turned and looked and I took that as my opportunity to run, I made it to the door and pulled it shut before the boys could get to me. I ran as fast as I could in the heels back to the VIP section.

"Girls I think I'm going to get going" I said collecting my purse.

"You look like you just seen a ghost and you ran from it. Whats going on?" Liam asked eyeing me. 

"Well I went to use the bathroom, when I heard two people walk in then the lock of the door. And lets just say these people were drunk, and tried to back me in the corner before I used that its a spider trick." I said starting to back away.

"Tell me who these bastards were" Louis growled.

At that moment Harry and Zayn walked into the VIP section stumbling over each other laughing.

"Don't worry about it, I better get going" I said dismissing the problem. 

I walked passed Zayn and Harry who looked down at me. I made my way outside of the club and over to my car.

"Talia hold up" I heard someone say. 

I turned around and saw Louis jogging towards me, with his coat hanging over his arm.

"Whats up?" I asked.

"I'm coming with you" he said.

I nodded my head and proceeded getting in the car. It was an awkward silence as I drove. I guess me and Louis were thinking the same thing because we reached for the volume knob at the same time. 

"Sorry" I said withdrawing my hand back.

I pulled onto our street and into my driveway I decided to park the car in the garage just in case Harry or Zayn came by. I got out of the car and walked out of the garage pressing the button to close it.

"Dang it" I whispered.

"What?" Louis asked.

"I just shut the garage forgetting that I could just go through the door in the garage to get in the house" I said shaking my head.

"Well now I get to walk you up to the door, like a gentlemen." Louis holding out his hand.

I gladly took ahold of his hand and placed my head on his shoulder.

"Hey Tal" Louis said like a thought just popped in his head.

"Yeah" I said squeezing his hand.

"Care to go on a date with me tomorrow?" he asked smiling a stupid grin.

"Sure, Lou" I said laughing at his excitement.

"Alright I'll pick you up at 7:30 tomorrow evening." he said grabbing my waist.

"I'll be waiting" I said placing my hands on his shoulders.

We stared at each other for a moment before we both starting leaning up, our lips were almost together when dad and Amy opened the door. Me and Louis quickly pulled apart.

"What's going on here?" Dad asked focusing his attention on Louis.

"Dad" I said through clenched teeth.

"Alright, alright I'll leave you kids to it, me and Amy are stepping out for a second" Dad said pulling Amy with him out the door.

"Where are you two going at 12 am?" I asked.

"We're going to mind grown folks business gal" he said in a country accent.

I laughed at his accent and told them to go. When they pulled out of the driveway I turned back to Louis. 

"See you tomorrow?" I asked.

"Tomorrow" he said smiling. 

I turned away to go in the house but Louis grabbed my forearm. I turned my body towards fully and looked. He smashed his lips onto mine smiling in the kiss.

"Goodnight" he said pulling away.

"Night" I said backing into the house.

I closed the door with Louis still standing there watching me. I looked out the peephole and saw him walking away. I think I'm catching feelings for that boy. 




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