Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


6. What?

"Haha, I love fat Amy." Marcel said as I tool out the disc. "Yeah! She's pretty funny." I agreed with him. I put the disc back in its case. I looked at the time on my phone.  "It's already 10!" I said. "Oh no! I need to get back before my mom kills me again." He said getting up. We walked down stairs and I opened the front door for him. "Bye, Marcel! See you tomorrow." I said and we hugged. "Bye, Piper!" He left and got into his car, then drove off. As I closed the door, my popped out of no where. "So, what did you guys do up there?" She asked, cause me to jump. "We watched a movie." I replied and tried to get away before she could ask any other questions.

"Goodnight, Hun!" She called after. "Night, mom." I said and got ready for bed. I crawled under the blankets once again, but this time with a different scent. His scent. I took a deep breath  and smiled. "Goodnight, Marcel." I whispered then fell asleep.

I woke up the same as yesterday. Except with out the jumping on my bed. I groaned slowly slid off my bed, and into the bathroom. There isn't much to talk about what I did in there. I just put on my clothes and brushed my teeth and hair. I don't really wear make up....

I left the room and went down stairs. This time I made sure I had my shoes. I got breakfast that was set out and made my way to the door. "Bye guys!" I yelled as I left. I waited for the bus to come and take me to school. I pulled out my iPod and put in an earphone. I saw a big yellow rectangular- you get it. The bus came and I got on. "I'm on the highway to hell!" I mumbled. I'm pretty sure that song way made for the school bus. (hehehe)


The bell rang, telling me to get my butt to class. I did as told and began walking down the halls. I haven't seen Marcel yet. I was about to open the class door, when I heard "Help!" coming from the janitors closet across the hallway. I opend the door, and out fell Marcel. "Hey! You alright?" I asked him. "Yeah, I think so." - "Who did this." - "Josh." He said. Um... "Uh, who's that?" I asked. "The guy who dumped spaghetti on me." Marcel explained. "I'm going to kill him!" I mumbled. "What?" - "Oh, nothing. Do you know why he did it?" I asked, already aware of the answer. "Well, 1. cause I'm a nerd..." A hot nerd... just saying. ".... and 2. He said: "Stay away from Ashley!"

What a dick he is. "He's just jealous of you. But don't worry about it. I'll take care of him." I told him. "But how? Your a girl and he's like a monster compared to you." - "He's a  monster in general. Personality and looks." I laughed and high fived Marcel. "Well, we should get to class." I began to walk away. "Wait!" He said grabbing ahold of my wrist. I stopped and turned around.

Our lips touched and so many sparks flew... no not really, we just hugged. "Thanks for everything!" He said as he patted my back. "No problem." I smiled and we went to our class.

We walked in and snuck into the class, since I was a few minutes late. "Ah! Piper and Marcel! I'd expect different from you. Care to explain why so late?" Asked Mr. Brown. "I had trouble opening my locker, and Marcel stayed to help me." I lied to try and save both of us. He didn't look convinced at first, but let it slide. "Alright, I'll let you go on this one, but don't be late again!" He said turning to the white board. I let out the breath I was apparently holding and sat in the desk next to Marcel, since we were partners on this project that Mr. Brown has yet to tell us about.

I almost passed out a couple of times during class. Didn't he say he way the funniest teacher, or something like that? One student did fall asleep. As soon as he noticed, he went over and kneeled next to the student's desk. Mr. Brown just stared at him and every now and then stroked his face. Many of the others tried not to laugh, including myself and Marcel.

The student wakes up in a jump. "Good morning, sunshine!" Mr. Brown said as the class laughed. The bell rang shortly and we were off.

(another TIME SKIP)

"So want to hang out again?" I asked Marcel as I packed up my bag. "Yeah! Where do you want to go?" He asked. "Actually, I kinda want to meet your family. If its alright with you." I threw my bag over my shoulder. "Umm..." He thought about it. "I - I guess they wont mind. But I also have an annoying brother and awkward mom." He told me. "I think we all do." I laughed as we walked down the hallway.

He pulled up to a really nice house. "Wow." I whispered. "Yeah, well I said my mom was wealthy so..." He opened his car door and I opened mine. Walking up to the door, I observed the outside of the house. It had white shingles and a grayish frame around the windows. "You coming?" He asked. "Oh, yeah." I stopped staring at the mansion like house. As we walked in, I saw a lady on the couch folding laundry. "Aunty, where's mom?" Asked Marcel. "Oh, she went to visit-" She stopped talking as she saw me. "Um, went to visit your relative, for a few days." Said his 'aunty'.

He nodded to show that he understood. I saw a guy coming from down the stairs. He had the punk look. Many piercings and tattoos. "Well hi there!" He winked walking into the kitchen. "Don't mind him. That's my brother." He explained. "I can tell." I said. "Really?" - "Yeah! You two look exactly alike. Just he is more... inked and wears more jewelry." I told Marcel. "Well... were twins. So yeah." Marcel scratched the back of his head. "Really? That is so kool!" I said. Marcel looked relived.

"Actually, we're tri-" His brother began to say, but Marcel quickly made an attempt to stop him. "Your what?" I asked, unaware of what he was going to say. "Get your hand off me!" Said his brother's muffled voice, since Marcel had his hand over his mouth. "Sorry. Um, Edward was just being him." He said and shooed Edward up the stairs. "Oh." I was quite confused at the moment.

As we got to his room, something popped into my mind. "So, how is your mom so wealthy?" I asked. He bit his lip, and shut the door. "Actually, its our relative that she is visiting, that is so wealthy." He explained. "Oh, what relative?" So many questions going through my head right now. "Uh... I'll tell you some other time?" He suggested. "Ok, whenever is comfortable to you." I agreed trying not to rush him with answers.


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