Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


15. Talk With Harry

Mom had left and we ate. As soon as we finished, I picked up the plates and put them in the sink. "Ok, so now what?" I asked. "I don't know. Where do you want to go?" Marcel asked. "I don't mind. What about you, Harry? Any ideas?" I asked. "Uh, not really. I would suggest we could see the lads, but they are visiting their families." Harry said. "Oh.. I see." I nodded. "How about we just talk? You know, I can get to know Piper better, and find out what's going on between you to." Harry smiled. I blushed and looked at my feet. Marcel did the same until Harry came behind both of us and pulled us to the couch. "Now, speak!" Harry said. "Who?" I asked. "You, silly!" He smiled and I started to talk to him.

I told him everything I told Edward that one time, because that was pretty much it. "Ah... so, what's up between you two, huh?" He asked and winked. I pulled my knees up to my chest so I could my face. I think my secret phobia is blushing... "Haha." Harry laughed and Marcel began to speak. "Well, nothing much... just friends really." He explained. Friend zoned.... twice... "Mmhmm, then what was that kiss in the car for?" - "Um.. friends with benefits?" Marcel said, but it came out more of a question. I was kinda heart broken, but I didn't let it get to me that much.

"What do you think about that, Piper?" Harry asked. I shrugged my shoulders, not sure what to say... I mean, Marcel already knows I like him, but he is giving me mixed signals. We kiss, he says we're just friends... I don't get it. "Hey Marcel, mind if I talk to Piper? Alone?" Harry asked and Marcel glanced between us two. "Um, sure. Where do I go?" Marcel said standing up. "You can just stay here and watch T.V. while we go upstairs." I explained. Marcel nodded and Harry and I went up stairs. We sat in the hallway and Harry spoke up.

"You like him, right?" He asked. "Yeah." I said just above a whisper. "Does he know?" He asked and I nodded. "Well, can I tell you something?" I nodded once again. "Even though he hasn't admitted it yet, I'm pretty sure he likes you to." - "Really?" - "Yep!" - "How do you know?" - "Just how he acts around you." He explained. "Oh.."

"I also want to thank you." H said. I looked up at him, confused. "For what?" - "For being there for him, and taking care. He isn't that... liked in high school, but I'm sure you can tell." He said. "Yeah, but why isn't he? I know it's because he is seen as a nerd, but if you are his brother, why does he keep getting picked on?" I asked. "Well, no one knows... you are probably the only person out of our family that knows. Mum thought it would be better for them if they were kept a secret." He shrugged. I nodded again and looked down the hall. "I understand now." I said. "Well, we should get back to Marcel." I suggested. Harry nodded as we stood up. We went down the stairs, well more like jumped for me.

"Hey Marcel!" I said and took a seat next to him on the couch, while adding a hug. "Haha, hey Piper. You ok?" He asked. "Yeah just peachy." I smiled and he smiled back. I let go of him so he didn't feel squished. "You should ask him out on a date." Harry whispered as soon as Marcel turned back to the T.V. "You think so?" I whispered back. He nodded and I turned back to Marcel. "Um.. Marcel?" I asked. "Yeah, Piper?" - "Uh, I - I was wondering if.." I slowly looked back to Harry, and he just waved his hands to say 'go on.' "... if you would like to, um.. uh go - go out sometime?" I managed to get it out as I looked back to Marcel. He smiled and took one of my hands. "I would love to!" He agreed. I smiled quite big. I looked at Harry and he was smiling to. "So, when do you have in mind?" Marcel asked. "Anytime that works for you." I said.

"How about Saturday? Around 7-ish?" He suggested. "Sounds good." I agreed.

"Awww! You guys are too cute!" Harry said. I blushed and looked down, and Marcel laughed a bit. "Well, it nice getting to know you Piper, oh thanks for lunch.  But Marcel and I should get home for a family dinner tonight." Harry stood up and walked over to Marcel. "Ok, thanks for coming over guys. Have fun." I smiled and they said their 'thank you's' and left.

Saturday night: 7:00 o'clock <3


Sorry I haven't updated for a while, guys! I had surgery today to get my tonsils out. My throat is a little sore. My step-dad's best friend and wife are visiting for the weekend. My birthday is also tomorrow, so sorry if I don't update. But thank you to all the ones who are still here. I really appreciate everything guys! Especially your beautiful comments!!! Love you so much <3

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