Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


13. Suprised at the Movies

"What the actual f*ck! Guys! You gave me a heart attack you arseholes!" I yelled at Harry and Edward." They began to laugh slightly. "Its not funny! I seriously thought I was going to die." I said. "Ha, we're sorry, Piper." Harry said, who was the one that was with me in the backseat. He hugged me, but I shrugged him off. "Come on." He said. I gave in and let him hug me. Well, he was THE Harry Styles so...

But I was still mad at him and Edward.

"So what is all this about?" I asked, getting over the tears that formed. "We wanted to surprise you!" Said Edward. "Why?" I asked him. "Thought it'd be fun." Said Harry. "Where's Marcel?" I asked another question. "At home sleeping. He doesn't know that we left." Edward replied. I sighed. "So where are we going?" I asked. "The movies!" Harry said a little to excitedly. "But, first I have to pick up Kemi." Edward said. "Are you guys dating now?" I asked him. "No but we will." He said. "What makes you say that?" I ask him. "Well, look at me!" He said. I stared at him for about 5 seconds. "I give up, what?" I said. "I am irresistible." He bragged about himself. Harry and I both rolled our eyes. "Whatever." I mumbled.

We pulled up to a house that was quite pretty. "Be right back guys." He said. Edward got out and walked up to the house. I started a convo with Harry. "So.. does Kemi know your his brother?" I asked. "Nope." He said, obviously not seeing where I'm going with this. "So.. any idea how she  may react when she sees The Harry Styles in the car?" I ask him. He froze. "SH*T!" He threw his hands in his face. "Yeah... that's what I thought." I said.

Edward came back to the car with Kemi. Harry quickly put his hood on and sunglasses. "Hi, Piper!" She said as she got in. "Who is that?" She asked. "Oh.. um.. it's... Edward who is this stranger!" I asked. "Don't ask me." He said and started driving. "That one person that eats bananas." I told her. She looked confused, but nodded any ways. "So where are we going Edward?" Asked Kemi, in the front seat. "The movies." Edward replied.

"Awesome!" She said.

We got to the movie theatre. "Guys out!" Edward said. Kemi opened the door, but stopped. "Except you." He said to Kemi. Harry and I got out of the car and went up to the building.

10 minutes later we were greeted by them holding hands. "Piper! Guess what!" She said pulling me away. "What?" I asked. "Edward asked me to be his girlfriend." She said hoping up and down. "Aw! how sweet! You two are so cute!" I told her. She began to blush. "Thank you." She said. "Haha, no problem.. just no making out while we try to watch the movie, or at least sit somewhere else." I joked. She laughed at my comment. We went back over to the guys.

They got tickets and we sat in the seats. "Hey, Piper... could you go sit at the top for a while?" Harry whispered. "Why?" I asked, confused. "Just go!" He pushed me up the stairs. It was just us 4, until some random person walked in. I sat in a seat at the very top, trying to figure out why I was sent up here. The stranger ended up sitting in the seat right next to me. Seriously? Out of all the seats, he sits here? Whatever....

"So... what's up?" The stranger asked. I couldn't see him, since it was too dark, and the screen doesn't have anything playing. "Um, nothing much.. just waiting for the movie." - "Oh, yeah me to." They said. I nodded. This was over extremely awkward. They grabbed my hand. "What the f*ck dude!" I yelled pulling my hand back. "Piper.." He said. "Don't Piper me - wait... how do you know my name?" I asked him. "Can I kiss you?" I was about to slap this person, until the screen lit up, playing a preview. "Marcel?" I asked, relieved with a smile on my face. "So can I?" He asked. "What?" I asked. "Can I kiss you?" Before I could say anything, I felt his lips against mine. I put my fingers through his hair, remembering when he told me that he liked that, while we were in the bathroom.

He smiled and so did I. "And you told me not to make out during the movie!" Yelled Kemi. "Well, its the preview so..." I said. She laughed along with Edward and Harry. But she didn't know it was Harry, so.. along with Edward and that one person we don't know.

Now I know why Harry sent me up here.

The movie began to play. "We should watch the movie." Marcel said. I put on a pouty face. He just laughed and put his arm around me.

So... what are we?

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