Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


9. Sup, brother?!

He smiled as we just stared in each others eyes. "Better?" He asked, saying the same thing as when he kissed my fist. "Very." I replied and smiled as well. There was a bang on the window. "I'm going to kill you, b*tch!" Yelled Ashley through the window. "Lets go!" Marcel said and I agreed. "Yeah!" We slid over the center counsel to get to the front seats. As we drove off, Ashley attempted to chase after. "God, what's up with her?" I asked. "Not sure, the whole ride there, all she did was brag about how expensive her outfit was." He shrugged his shoulders. "Wow." I said.

"Yeah, so anywhere you want to go? Since where still all dressed up?" He asked. "You pick!" I said. "How about movies at my house?" He asked. "Sounds great!" I agreed.

He pulled up to his beautiful big house. "Lets go!" I said getting out of his car. He laughed a bit as we walked up to the door. "Hey Aunty!" He said as he saw her in the kitchen making dinner. "Hi sweetie. Your mom is coming back early, but is only staying for tonight." She said, not bothering to look up. "Oh great, Aunty!" He said. We took off our shoes and headed towards the couch. We chose a movie to watch and put it into the dvd player. We snuggled up, just as we did in  my room, on that.... awkward day. "Aw! Aren't you two just so cute!" Edward came down with the girl from the party. She was quite pretty. "Haha, very funny, Edward." Marcel said. Did he not think we were cute? Well I though we were damn adorable!

"Um, hi!" Said the brown haired girl. "Hello! I'm Piper!" I said getting up. "Hi. I'm Kemi." She said. "Nice to meet you!" She said. "You to!" I agreed. "So, are you dating Edward here?" I asked. She began to blush. "Um, not exactly... but I hope we do soon." She whispered back. I smiled. "Don't worry.. I'm pretty sure he is taking a liking for you." I told her. "You think so." She asked, also smiling. I nodded and headed back to Marcel. Kemi walked over to Edward again, but just as they headed off, her phone rang. "Hello?" She asked. "Ok, yes ma'am - I understand. Alright." She talked to the other person on the phone. I have to get home. It was nice meeting you guys!" She said. "You to, Kemi!" - "Here, I'll drive you home." Edward offered. She smiled and they left. "I'm going upstairs. Call up to me f you need anything!" Said his aunty, walking up the stairs. "Well, were alone. Somewhat." Said Marcel, taking my hand. "Now we can enjoy the movie peacefully!" I joked. "Well, I thought we were going somewhere else here." He looked around.

I shook my head with a smile. We both leaned in, just about to kiss, when the door bust open. My jaw dropped, and my eyes widened. So did Marcel's. The guy at the door finally talked. "Sup, brother?!"


Guys im so sorry  for not updating yesterday.. I was grounded. Also sorry for the short chapter, I  have to watch my brother, who is begging me to take him to the park. I'm so so so so so sorry! But I really appreciate you for reading :D thank you so much! well, im off to clean up vomit.. o.o

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