Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


30. Sick Brother

-Ok guys, first of im am so so so so so so so so so so (x10000) sorry! I haven't updated in forever because I had writers block with this story for so  long and also I didn't know what else I should I put in it. But now, im pretty sure on what im going to do :) So thank you so much for still being here. I appreciate it so much. Thank you!-

Piper's P.O.V

We left the restaurant and decided to stroll around the town. We talked for a while until we ended back where we started. "Well, that walk went by quick." Marcel said. "Heh, I guess it did.." I agreed. "Hey, are you ok? You seem a little down." Marcel asked. He turned to face me and placed his hand on my arm for comfort. "Um, I've just had this.. thought in my head." - "What is it? If you want to tell me. I took in a deep breathe before saying. "I just have this feeling, that something is wrong with Chase. He has been quite sick. I'm just worried its noting bad." I confessed.

He took me into a hug. "I'm sure its nothing to worry about. He may just have a cold or something." He said. I wanted to believe him but something in my gut says that's not it. "I don't know.... maybe you're right." I said. Marcel gave a sympathetic smile. We leant in to kiss, but was interrupted by my phone ringing. "Ugh."

I answered the phone to my mom panicking. "Woah. Mom, calm-calm down. What's wrong?" I asked. "Ch-Chase, he has been none stop throwing up since I got home. I need you to get here so we can go to the hospital. Please, Piper. I need you here." Mom said.

I knew it.

"Ok, mom, I'll be right there." I hung up and looked straight at Marcel. "I need to get home." I said. He just nodded and we walked, or well I ran, over to his car.

He drove me to the house, none of us saying a word. I was panicking to much to say anything.

"So, want to tell me what's going on?" He asked. "Chase has been puking none stop." I said in one breath. Marcel sped up a little bit to get to my house sooner.

He stopped in front of my house. "Thank you so much Marcel, and I'm really sorry for the such short notice." - "No problem, now get in there!" He said, pointing to my house. "Right. Bye, love you."

I ran to the door, hitting the doorbell repeatedly. Mom opened it, and the smell of vomit was lingering around the house. "Mom, we need to get him to the hospital." I whispered to her. Chase sat on the couch, bucket in hands and a towel near his neck. "Would he be ok in a car?" She asked. "We don't really have a choice." I explained.

-At the Hospital-

Chase was laying on one of the bed, asleep, in the Emergency Room. The doctor came up to us. "He is very sick, most likely from the new area. His body hasn't adapted to the diseases we have here yet. I advise you give him plenty of water, considering he has lost a lot of fluids. Also, he need to take two of these a day." She handed us a bottle of pills. "He will need to stay here over night, just until he is well enough for moving." She said.

"You mean he is to sick to even move?" I asked. "Yes, unfortunately." She replied.

I paced around the room once the doctor left. I kept looking over to Chase to see if he happened to wake up. But then I stopped walking.

What if he doesn't wake up?

What if he can't wake up?

All these negative thoughts rushed through my head.

I stood next to him, brushing his hair out of his face. He looked so pale. Mom was outside going over information with the doctors.

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Hello?" I asked.


"Oh, hey Marcel." I said.

"How is everything going?" He asked.

"Um, ok I guess. Chase is asleep and mom is talking with the doctors."

"Ah, well I hope it goes good." He said.

"Thanks, Marcel. I have to go. See you later maybe?" I asked.

"Yeah I'd love that." He said. I smiled. "Bye, Marcel." - "Bye, babe."

Mom walked back into the room. "Hey, Piper. If you want you can go. I bet you don't want to be stuck here anymore. I'll watch over Chase. You go have fun. I'm sure everything will be fine." Mom said. "Are you sure? I can stay if-" - "'I'm sure. Go." She said. I hugged her and left the hospital.

I actually felt a bit better after leaving that building. I called Marcel and he came to pick me up. We went back to his place.

"Hey, Piper! Long time no see, aye?" Edward sat with Kemi under his arm. "Yeah. We've missed you!" She said. I smiled yeah it has been a while I guess." I replied. "I'll go make some tea. Any of you want some?" Kemi asked. "Yes please."

"So what's up? Where have you been all this time?" Edward asked. "Um, well... my brother is in the hospital, and yeah."  I said. I fiddled with my thumbs. "Oh god, I am so sorry!" He said. "Yeah.." I let out a sad laugh.

Kemi came back with tea. "Thank you." I said to her. "Welcome. sweetheart." She said. I was about to take a sip when Marcel spoke. "You want to drink these upstairs? Watch some movies and get your mind off all this for a bit?" He asked. "Yeah that'd be great." I said.

Marcel and I headed upstairs, but I heard Kemi from downstairs, and I silently laughed.

"What happened, did I miss something? Was my tea bad?" She asked.

Edward rolled his eyes. "No, your tea is fine."

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