Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


35. Police Officer


She laid out the movies on the coffee table. "Ok, so what do you want to watch first?" She said. "First?" I asked. She had about 12 different movies. "Well yeah! We're going to watch all of them. And I'm  not leaving till we do." She sat arms crossed. "Haha, ok. Ok." I looked over the movies. "How about Flat liners?" I asked. "Sweet!" She opened its case and put in the movie.

"Now, what's there for food?" She scrambled through the bag.

We were about half way through the movie when we heard a knock on the door



I looked over to Kemi and she shrugged. "I didn't invite anyone over." She said. I walked over to the door, hesitantly.  I looked through the peep hole to see a police officer. I got nervous. "Who is it?" Kemi asked. "The police." I mumbled. I opened the door. "Are you Piper Wyatt?" He asked. "Yes, sir. That's me." I said. "May I come in? I have some things I need to discuss with you." He said. I nodded and opened the door wider so he can come in. He walked in and Kemi stood from the couch. "Is there a problem, officer?" She asked. "Is this you sister?" He asked. "No, she's a friend." I replied.

"If you could excuse us for a moment, please? I need to speak with Piper in private." He said. Kemi looked over to me not knowing where to go. "There's food in the kitchen." I said and she nodded. She left the living room and the police officer and I sat on the couch. "Its about your mum." He said. "Is she ok?" I asked, not wanting to lose the only family I have left in this country. "She is fine, somewhat." He said. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"We found her drunk driving about a mile away from the Wisk Bar. We had her take the intoxication test and it showed positive." He said. "Also, we found a tiny bag of marijuana in her purse." He added. "But, she doesn't do drugs." I said. He sighed. I'm sorry, Piper. But its what we found. You mom will report to court tomorrow." He said. I sighed.

"But, there is one more thing I must tell you." He said.

I looked up to him. "Considering you are yet to be 18, a legal adult, we will have you move back to America to stay with a relative." He said. "What?" I shouted. "Calm down, you also have another option." He said. "Well, what is it?" I asked, eager to know what it is. "You may stay here, but move to an adoption home." He stated.

I sighed, my head in my hands. My throat turned soar from holding back tears. "Uh, can I have some time to think about this?" I asked.

He thought for a minute. "I suppose, but we need an answer. You will have four days. No more, no less." He stood up. "I am sorry to have to deliver such news." He said, stopping at the door. I just nodded, and that's when I began to cry. "Have a good night." He said before walking out the door and closing it behind him.

Kemi came back in. She didn't say anything, she just sat next to me, rubbing my back as I sobbed. "Oh god, Kemi. What am I supposed to do?" I asked.

"Well, if you decide to stay here, we could adopt you." She suggested.

"You're a genius, oh my god, I love you!" I hugged her, as she laughed.

"Now, how about we get back to the movie?" She said.

I wiped away my tears. "Yeah."


Hmm so that's happening... but is it as simple as it seems?

Hehe, I love you guys x) And I appreciate the beautiful comments. Like seriously! When I read them I cant stop smiling! Thanks so much!

\(^.^)/ big hugs for everyone!


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