Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


5. Piper's Home

We got in the car he had and Marcel started the engine. Before leaving, he asked: "So, where to?" - "Anywhere." I told him. "What about your house?" He suggested. "Ha, um I don't think you would want to go there." I said. "Why not?" He asked. "Well... I have my awkward mom and annoying brother. They don't really mix well." I explained. "Ah, I see. But I don't think I'll mind." He said. I sighed before I said: "Ok, lets go."

As he began to drive off I told him my address. We shortly arrived since it wasn't that far away, and I walked to Starbucks after all. "This it?" He asked, pulling up to the house. "Yep.." I took a deep breath before opening the house door. "Here we go." I said walking inside. "Piper? Is that you?" Called my mom. "Yes, mom!" I said and she came down the stairs. "How was it?" She asked, not bothering to look at us at the door. "Um... you tell me." I said. She looked confused, until she saw Marcel next to me. "Oh! Why don't you to come on in the kitchen and I'll make some dinner." She suggested. Great.....

"So... I made Spaghetti for dinner, I hope that's alright." She said putting it on our plates. I looked over to Marcel and he just stared at the food. "Actually mom, were not that hungry, could you maybe put them in a bowl and save it for us some other time, please?" Again, she looked confused. "Um, sure. Just come and get it when your hungry." She said and we took off up stairs.

"Sorry about that." I told him. "Eh, its alright. So, what do you want to do here?" He asked looking around my tiny room. "Well, we can watch movies, or something." I said, jumping onto my bed, followed by Marcel. "Yeah! Sounds good." He agreed. "Sweet, we have so many movies, that we filled up 4 cases." I told him, getting out the cases. "Woah!" He said as he came over to me. "Hmm, how about this one?" He said pointing to Pitch Perfect. "Good pick!" I told him. I put it in, and got comfy under the blankets. "This may sound weird, but may I join?" Marcel asked as he scratched the back of his neck. I laughed at his lack of maturity. "Of course you can! Get up here!" I said, patting the spot next to me. He sat down and got covered up with the blankets. Everything felt perfect at that moment. "Were going to have to hit play, huh." I asked, as one of the previews played. "Yep." - "And the remote is on the other side of room, huh?" - "Mmhmm." Marcel replied. "Dammit..." I mumbled and got up to get the remote. "Do we have everything now?" I asked. "I think so." He looked around all snuggled up in the blanket. I slightly smiled as he looked back to me. He smiled as well.

I got back under the blanket and hit play with the remote. "Why is it so cold in here?" Asked Marcel. "I don't know, but I hate it." I said sliding further under the blanket. "Well, here!" He said holding out his arms. "What?" - "Come here!" He said. I slid over and his arms wrapped around me, immediately making me warmer.

This moment is just so... perfect! Well, was.

"You guys better not be having sex in here!" Mom busted through my door. "MOM!" I said as I hid my face in the blanket as I'm pretty sure I looked like a tomato. I don't even like tomatoes!

"We're not having... oh my god, mom!" I said. "Ok! Just making sure!" She said, shutting the door, and walking away. "I am so sorry about her, I told you she was awkward." I said, still not revealing my face from under the blanket. He was laughing. "Haha! It's alright. I'm pretty sure my mom would have did the same thing." He said, still getting over the laughter. I slowly removed the blanket from my face. "Come on, lets finish the movie!" He said pulling me back into his arms.


XD So what do you think? Hehe! Hope you liked it :3 Thanks for reading! Love you guys! <3

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