Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


20. On the Hill

"Surprise!" Marcel said. He was smiling and his arms were open. "Marcel, its so beautiful!" I said. The sun was setting in the distance, causing many warm colors to appear in the sky. "You haven't seen anything yet!" He said. "There's more?" I asked on my tippy toes. He smiled and slid down the fairly steep hill. I followed after. "You know, this hill would be great for cardboard sledding." I said as he dug through the trunk of his car. "Cardboard sledding? What's that?" He asked. He paused what he was doing to hear my answer. "Well, its like regular sledding, except you get these big pieces of cardboard and you can do it anytime of the year." I explained. "Sounds interesting." He smiled. But it seemed suspicious. "It's pretty fun." I added. "Is it now?" That smile still on his face. "Yes..." What's he up to? "Piper, dear. Could help me with this?" He asked, pulling something out of his trunk. "Sure." I agreed and he handed me two big pieces of... cardboard! I smiled happily and took the cardboard in my hands. "So, you knew what cardboard sledding was the whole time?" I asked. He went to the back seat. "Yes, love. I did." He got out a plaid blanket. I could tell there was stuff inside of it, but I wasn't sure. "Well, lets go." He said as he walked up the hill.

He set down the blanket and spread it out. There was food in the containers. I was somewhat confused, but then I noticed it was full of desserts. "So, what would you like to first?" He asked. "Huh?" - "Sledding, or food?" - "Oh, um... how about sledding. Since we just ate." I suggested. "Sounds great!" He said, and took one of the pieces of cardboard. We both sat down, and held ourselves in place so we wouldn't go down just yet. "Ready?" - "Ready." We let go off the grass and we slid down the hill. I was holing onto the front of the board, so I could have better control. We made it to the bottom. But, he made it first. "Ha! I won!" He cheered. "When did we agree to race?" I asked. He opened his mouth but no words came out. "Mhmm." I crossed my arms. "Well, lets race now." He dashed up the hill. I began to run after. As soon as I reached the top, I got in a sturdy position. "Want to make a bet?" He asked. "Sure!" I agreed. "Hmm... looser has to grant the winner's wish." He said. "What are we, genie's?" I asked. He shrugged. "You never know." He then began to count down.

"3...2...1...go!" I pushed myself down the hill. I used one hand to hold on, and the other to push me forward. I noticed Marcel wasn't beside me, but in front. "What?" I thought. "How did he...?" I asked myself. We got to the bottom and I had lost. The board slowed down enough for me to get off. "Now, I've won!" He smirked. I stomped my foot, acting like a 5 year old again. He came closer and spoke. "Well, you a wish to grant." He said. "How?" I asked. "Magic!" He said. "Do I look like a magical being?" I asked with crossed arms. He shrugged. "Onto to the wish." He added. I waited patiently for him to say what his 'wish' is. "I wish..." He smiled. "...that-" He paused. He came closer, and kept his gaze with my eyes. "you will join me with a cup of tea." He cheekily smiled.

Well, I thought we were going somewhere else here... but that's just me.

"Um, of course." I smiled back. Running up this hill mad my legs tired. We sat on the blanket and he picked up a bottle, along with two cups. It was quite dark, but not too dark. Everything was still visible to the naked eye. He poured some tea into one of the cups and handed it to me. "Thank you." I said as I carefully took the cup from his hand. "My pleasure, love." He poured him self a glass. "So, what would you like for dessert?" He asked. "Um... whatever you have available." I said. He opened a few cases to reveal a few cupcakes, along with muffins and cookies. "They look delicious." I said. "Thank you! I made them... well with help from Harry, but mostly I made them." He continued. I laughed a bit and he handed me one of everything.

"Thank you, Marcel." I said. "For what?" He asked. "For all of this, and everything else." I smiled. He returned the smile. "Your so welcome." He said softly. "Oh, and if you hear a boom, don't be alarmed, its just the sky exploding." He said. "W-What?" I choked out, since he had said that just as I was about to swallow. "Do you know what today is?" He asked. "No I don't." I said. "I don't either... its just some occasion or something they do. But in about 5 minutes or so, there should be fireworks." He added. "Oh, awesome!" I said. I loved fireworks. I especially like the really big ones.

After 5 minutes have passed, there was a light shooting into the sky. "Oh! They're starting!" Marcel said and scooted closer. "Want to lay down?" He asked. The firework exploded into the sky. "Yeah." We both lay down and watched as the next one went off. The beautiful colors filled the sky. There was a slight breeze. Everything was just... amazing.

But then it turned perfect.


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