Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


34. Movies, Comas, and Snacks.

I lay in bed, next to Marcel. He was dead asleep. He looks so cute, with his lips parted. I smiled as I observed him.

I looked over to my left to see my phone on his stand. I checked and there was 5 missed calls. All of them were from mom. "Oh, damn." I whispered. I put on my shirt and walked over to his bathroom, and called mom. "Piper! Why haven't you answered my phone calls!" She shouted.

Well, I know you're pissed, but a simple 'hello' would do.

"Sorry, mom. I had left my phone upstairs while I've been downstairs. I haven't bothered to check it till now." I somewhat lied. "Alright, I see. But I want you here. I need to tell you something." She said. I was a bit worried. "Cant you just tell me over the phone?" I asked. I wanted to know what she needed to say, and I want to know now. "I'd rather tell you in person. I'm at the house, but Chase is still at the hospital. If you could just come here for a little bit-" She started crying, or at least it sounded like it. "I'm sorry, just please get here as soon as you can." Mom said. "Alright. See you in a little bit. Love you." - "Love you to..."

I walked back into Marcel's room. He had his head in his hands. "Hey, you alright?" I asked him. He looked up, very quickly. "I thought you left!" He said. "Of course not, I wouldn't leave without telling you somehow." I said. "And besides, my clothes are still here." I added.

He looked to the floor. "Oh, right.."

I giggled at his lack of observation. But then I stopped. "Um, Marcel?" - "Yeah?"

"I actually have to leave. I was in the bathroom talking to my mom, and she needs me to come home for a little bit, because she needs to tell me something." He nodded understandingly. "Well, we better put some clothes on then."

"Yes we should."

Marcel pulled up to the side of the curb for me to get out. "I'll call you later." I said to him. "Alright. Love you!" He said. "Love you to!" I smiled. He drove back to his home and I walked up to my door. It was unlocked so I walked in. "Mom?" I yelled. "Coming." She came down the stairs and tackled me in a hug. "Woah." I caught my balance and hugged her back. "Sorry. Come on, lets sit down for this." Her eyes were glossy and red. Bloodshot even. You could tell she had been crying. "What wrong mom?" I asked, wanting to know already.

"Um.." She took in a breathe. "Chase, he..." - "Well, spit it out, mom!" I said polity as possible. "Chase went into a coma. The doctors don't know when he will wake up. But they have him in a different part of the hospital, and we can only visit him every so often. Oh Piper!" She started crying again. I hated seeing her cry. I wanted to cry to, but I guess I have to be the strong one right now. "Hey, mom." My voice cracked. "Everything is going to be ok! He will wake up, and everything will fine." I rubbed her back. "I hope so, Piper. I hope so."

I decided to stay home. I lay in my room, looking up at the ceiling. The radio was playing and I was zoned out, until there was a knock at my door. "There is someone down stairs to see you." Mom said. I got up, and expected it to Marcel, but it wasn't. "Oh, hi Kemi!" I said. She stood near the front door. "Hey, sweetheart." She took me in a hug. "Marcel told me what's happening. I'm so sorry, love." She said. "I brought over some snacks." She pointed to the bag on our coffee table.

"Oh, thanks." I smiled and let go of her. "I'm going out, Piper. So you two can have to house. I'll be back later." She said. "Are you sure you want to go out, mom?" I asked. "Yeah, I'll be fine." - "Ok, have fun."

She left the house and Kemi and I sat on the couch look through her bag of treats. It was a big bag, actually. "I also brought some movies, to try and keep your mind off of things." She said. "Thank you so much, Kemi. Honestly, I really appreciate." I said to her. "You're very welcome, Pippy. Can I call you that?" She asked. I laughed, "Sure."

She laid out the movies on the coffee table. "Ok, so what do you want to watch first?" She said. "First?" I asked. She had about 12 different movies. "Well yeah! We're going to watch all of them. And I'm  not leaving till we do." She sat arms crossed. "Haha, ok. Ok." I looked over the movies. "How about Flat liners?" I asked. "Sweet!" She opened its case and put in the movie.

"Now, whats there for food?" She scrambled through the bag.

We were about half way through the movie when we heard a knock on the door.

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