Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


18. Momma Drama

"Sorry, mom! I was with Marcel and we were watching movies, but I fell asleep during it. When I woke up, Marcel explained that he didn't want to wake me up, so that's why I ended up staying over. I'm really sorry, mom. I promise next time I will call you." I tried to convince her. She tapped her foot. "Well, you don't have to worry about next time, because there wont be one." She said and walked off. My heart just dropped.

"What? But mom! Please give me one more chance! I promise that I will let you know what's going on and where I am." I said, calling after her. She stopped in here tracks and walked back over to me. "Piper-" - "Please mom!" I cut her off. "Let me finish." She said, completely annoyed. "Piper, I don't want you hanging out with that Marcel boy anymore. At first he seemed sweet, but now he is just distracting you from school and getting you in trouble." She said. I felt as If I were to snap at any time.

"B-But mom-" I began, "No buts about it!" She said and walked off. "You cant do this to me." I yelled. "Excuse me? I am your mother and I am the one who is in charge. Don't tell me I cant make you not do something. You are MY daughter and you do what I tell you to do. If I don't want you with him, you wont be with him. Understood?" She yelled back. By now, there were waterfalls flowing from my eyes.

"Oh my god! I cant believe you, mom! How can you just take away the best thing that has ever been in my life, away? Cant you see how happy he makes me? Were not even together and he treats me like a princess! He is so sweet, and kind, and caring, and everything that is perfect! He isn't 'distracting me from school, I still have A's and B's like I normally do. There is nothing wrong or bad about him! Why cant you just see that.... that I love him!" I argued back at her.

"Go to your room! I have had enough of this! Your not seeing Marcel anymore and that is final!" She said pointing up the stairs. I was shaking, from holding back all the tears. I stomped up the steps. But before I went to my room I made one thing clear to my mom.

"I f*cking hate you!"

---Next Day---

I didn't want to see my mom, so I had set my alarm clock to wake me. I finally heard it after a few beeps. I groaned and got out of bed. I hadn't bothered to shower or change last night. As I lifted my body off my bed, I looked over to my pillow to see tear stains scattered all over the center. There were a few pieces of tissues all over my bedroom floor. Some were full of snot while others were used to wipe tears.

 I sighed as I looked around my dark room at six in the morning. I forced myself off my bum, and walked over to the closet. I felt my belly growl, desperate for food. I hadn't ate dinner, I wanted to skip out on seeing her face. I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt, not caring on what people would think.

I silently left my room, trying mot to make a sound, so I could sneak over to the bathroom. I made it there, successfully and closed the door. I pulled off my clothes from yesterday and hoped into the shower, at the hottest it could go. I adjusted the temperature a little cooler as the water began to sting my back. I stood in the shower for a few minutes, dozing off into space, hoping my mother wouldn't try to make conversation with me as I left for school.

I finally washed up and wrapped a towel around me after turning off the water. I dried off my body, and wrapped the towel around my head as I got changed. I put in my pants, then brushed my teeth. I undid the towel and tried to dry my hair. It was still damp, but it will dry eventually. I put on my shirt then brushed out all the knots that had formed in my hair.

I went down stairs, grabbing a quick waffle and outing in the toaster as I got my shoes on. I heard it pop then pulled it out, not caring about how hot it was. It actually felt nice, considering my hands are freezing most of the time. I left the house with my bag on my shoulder and not a care to give about saying goodbye to my mom or brother. I walked down the street to my bus stop and waited for the bus. It came shortly after.

School went by fast, considering I wasn't really paying attention. After all... today was like a rest day or whatever. In each class we ate snacks and watched movies, so I guess I really didn't need to pay attention.

I had saw Marcel when I had gotten off the bus, but I didn't really pay attention to him. I just kept walking. Now I was walking to the cafeteria for lunch and saw Marcel running up to me. "Piper, why were you ignoring me this morning?" He asked. I looked up to him, and saw much hurt in his eyes.

 I began to tear up a bit, so I turned my face away. My breath came out shaky. "Um.. I just had to get to class. Didn't want to be late." I lied. "But you didn't say 'hi' or anything. Did something happen?" He asked as the lunch line moved forward. "Yeah, Marcel... something did happen." I told with without making eye contact. "Well, what?" He asked. "I'm so sorry, Marcel.. I'm so sorry!" I cried. "What? Why are you sorry?" He asked. He place his hands on my shoulders so I would face him. "M-My mom, wont  let me see you anymore. I tried to explain to her that you were the best thing that has ever happened to me and that you make me so happy and that-" I stopped before I could say anything more.

 "And that you what?" - "And that I love you."


So, what did you guys think? Good, bad, ok? Well let me know in comments please :) Thank you guys so much for reading this, It make me happy to know that you like it! Love you guys!!! <3

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