Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


2. Lunch

So, Marcel is actually a pretty nice guy! We have become really close over the first 3 periods. It was now time for lunch. Marcel and I headed towards the cafeteria. "So, what's for lunch?" I asked him as we walked. "Probably something gross." He stated. I laughed because it's most likely true. Turns out it was spaghetti being served. Great... I'm very messy when it comes to long noodles in sauce. Marcel and I got our trays and found an empty table. "So, how is it?" He asked. "I'm not sure.. I haven't even eaten anything yet I said get comfortable. He smiled and took a bite. I laughed as he struggled to get the noodles in his mouth. I took a bite also and the same thing happened to me. We were laughing like crazy, not paying attention to all the stares. But the laughter soon ended. "Sup nerd!" Said some jock. His friends laughed. What so funny about that? Am I missing something. Marcel attempted to avoid eye contact. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" He said as he dumped Marcel's tray all over him. The cafeteria began laughing. I got pissed.

"That was a dick move!" I said as they began to walk away. "What?" He asked. "You heard me." I told him. "Your an arse for doing something like that!" I explained. He laughed. "I'm guessing its that time of the month, aye?" He asked. "You know what? How about you go get a sex change, then we can talk about periods, and why don't I go with you... so that way you can suck my dick!" I told him as I turned my back to him to check up on Marcel. He was sitting there pulling noodles out of his hair. The cafeteria was laughing at my statement and the jock's friends were too. "You alright, Marcel?" I asked him. "Yeah.. I'm used to it!" He sighed. "No one should be used to it, come on. Lets go get you cleaned up." I said pulling him out of the cafeteria.

I was dragging him into the girls bathroom, but he stopped me. "What?" I asked him. "That's the girls bathroom." He said. "So?" I asked him. "I'm not going in there." I rolled my eyes and we went into the guys restroom. I brought him over to the sink. "Ok, I'm going to need you to take off your glasses." I told him. He took them off and handed them to me. I sat them on the sink. He splashed water on his face and rinsed of the sauce. "Now we need to wash your hair." I told him. His eyes widened. "How?" He asked. "Like this!" I put his hair under the faucet. I ran my fingers through his hair along with the water. "This is somewhat uncomfortable." He said. "Somewhat?" I asked. "Yeah, cause how I'm bent over like this. But I like your fingers in my hair." He said. I smiled. I continued to move fingers around his hair, rinsing the sauce out. I put soap in my hand and mixed it in his hair. He laughed as I tried to make his hair stand up. I laughed too.

I rinsed out the soap and turned off the water. "There you go! All cleaned." His wet hair covered his face. "But my hair is wet and I still have sauce on my sweater." He told me. I took off his sweater to reveal a plain white t-shirt. "For your hair..." I looked around the restroom and found a hand dryer.... well now its a hair dryer. "Over here!" I said pulling his wrist. "Ah!" He said at the sudden movement. He got on his knees and put his head under the dryer.

After about 5 - 10 minutes, his hair was fairly dry. "We are so late for class!" He said as he stood up. I was speechless. He looked so different. I noticed he had beautiful green eyes and his hair was curly. "Wow." I said. "What?" he asked. "You, you just looked so different." I said. "Yeah.." This is how I usually look after a shower. Do I look bad?" He asked. "No! No not at all. Your very, uh.. hot!" I told him. He blushed. "Why do you always dress the way you do?" I asked him. "Cause, my mom is very wealthy and expects me to dress proper, I guess I've dressed the way for so long, I'm used to it." He explained. "Oh. I see." I told him. "Well, we should get to class." I told him.

As we entered through the door, a lot of students gasped and stared at Marcel. He sighed at the attention. We took a seat next to each other in the back. Luckily the teacher didn't notice we were late. "That was close." I told him. "Yeah." He agreed.


Well, I have to go to sleep now!! Hope your liking the story so far :) Love you guys <3

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