Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


28. "I better."


I thanked Marcel for dropping me off. "Anytime." He said before pulling away. I walked through the door of my home, but then stopped by mom. "Hi, sweetie, how was your day?" She asked. "It was alright, mom." I answered. "Good, how was your ride home?" She asked. I froze...

"It must have been just super, huh darling." She said. Oh no... I really hope she doesn't know that's Marcel's car. "Oh, you bet ya mom. Really super..." I agreed nervously. "Mhm, and how is Marcel doing?" She asked. "I-I um... I don't know... cause what kind of daughter would I be... to, um, disobey her mom, heh..."

I am so busted.


"Ah, I see. I wonder the same thing. What kind of daughter would someone be. Well, Piper, I think you already know the answer to that question." Mother said. She was cutting up celery in the kitchen. "I-I do?" I asked. My voice was a bit shaky, but that happens when I'm nervous. "Mhm." She replied, placing the knife on the counter and looking towards me. "Oh..." I was unsure of how to reply to her. "Here I will answer for you. That kind of daughter would be, you. Wouldn't it?" Her voice was rising. I was to afraid to do anything.

Even breathe.

"Tell me what you were doing with Marcel in his car, right this instant!" She yelled. I flinch at her sudden out burst. "He was just offering a ride." I said. "Why didn't you take the bus?" She asked. "I missed it." - "How?" - "Um, cause I was in detention." I whispered. I could've swore mother turned to red in just 2.2 seconds. "WHY THE HELL WHERE YOU IN DETENTION? It was that Marcel boy, wasn't it? I knew it! I knew he was trouble. You are-" Mom began, but I cut her off. "NO! No mom it wasn't Marcel! It was you." I quickly said. "What do you mean it was me?" She asked. "You didn't wake me up, and you know I don't have an alarm clock. But since you decided to ditch me, I didn't wake up in time to catch the bus, let alone the first period of school. I had to walk however far to school, and when I got there, it was already the end of the hour. So, my teacher gave me detention for being tardy, because my mom is to occupied or whatever reason to wake me up." I yelled.

"Can you guys keep it down, please?" Chase managed to cough out as he came down the stairs in his pajamas. I was shocked. He used 'please.'

But also, why does he look so sick. "Sorry, Chase. Piper and I will try to be quieter. Go back to your room." Mom said more calmly than before. Chase nodded and slowly walked back up the stairs. "What's wrong with Chase?" I whispered. "We went to the doctors today, after I picked him up from school because he was puking up blood." Mom explained. My eyes widened and she continued. "When we got there, to the doctors, they said he was severely sick, and shouldn't get out of bed for any reason, except to use the bathroom." She added. I was now filled with worry and sadness by now.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for forgetting to wake you up, but I strictly told you to stay away from him." She said. "But mom, he hasn't done anything wrong. I doubt he ever will. If you could just take the time to get to know him, then you will see how sweet and caring he is." I whined. She sighed and thought for a while. "Fine." She said. My eyes lightened with joy. "I want to meet him at that one restraint we went to. I'd like him to join us for dinner tomorrow." I took her into a hug and held her tightly. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you so much mom, you wont regret it. I promise you will like him." I let her go.

"I better." She said and headed off towards the upstairs to check on Chase.


Hey guys! School tomorrow, blehhhh! I don't want to go. I want to stay home and sty in bed all day while eating food and watching T.V. But I cant, which sucks... anywhoooo, I hoped you found some liking in the chapter. I am thinking of these things from the top of my head, so sorry if  the chapters are bad :/ But a extra super amazing beautiful thanks to all those who are sticking around! Love you so much!!! <3

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