Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


36. Court and Pounds

ojhiuihiuyhjhjn Kemi had stayed the night, and was passed out on the couch, and so was I.

I looked around after waking up. I saw food wrappers on the floor along with soda bottles. The house phone began to ring. I groaned as I slid off the couch to answer it. "Hello?" I asked into the phone. "Hi, is Piper Wyatt present?" The person asked. "Speaking." I said.

"The time you need to arrive at court for your mom will be at 12:30. Please make it at least 30 minutes early. Thank you, and have a nice day." The lady said before hanging up. I put the phone back and rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up. I looked over to the clock hanging on the wall. "8:15." I mumbled. "Ugh.."

I walked through the living room to get to the stairs. Kemi still lay on the couch, with one arm dangling off it.

I jogged up the stairs and into my room. "What to where to court?" I asked myself. I sighed, knowing I had no clothes for this type of occasion. I decided to get out some dark jeans with a button up shirt. By the time I was dressed, Kemi was awake. "Why are you all dressed up?" She mumbled, trying to keep her eyes open. "My mom's court date." I replied. "But why do you have to go?" She asked.

"I don't know... they called and told me to show up." - "Oh." She stood from the couch and held her stomach. "I don't feel good." She said. "Probably from all the candy you ate." I laughed. "The bathroom is that way." I pointed behind me as she nodded. After Kemi had went into the bathroom, I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast.


Kemi had gave me lift to the building. "Thanks, Kemi." I said. "Eh, no problem. Good luck." She said and drove away. "I hope so." I mumbled and headed towards the doors. I opened it and went to the counter. "Um, I'm here for the court date for my mom." I told the lady. "Mom's name?" She asked. "Um, Kendra Junes." I said. She did that typed something into the computer. "Are you Piper Wyatt?" She asked. I nodded. "Ok, then just go through those doors right there. She pointed to her left, which would be my right. "Thanks."

I walked through the doors, rows of benches were on the sides of the room. I looked around and took a seat on one of the middle benches. "May I help you?" Said a security guard. "Um, I'm here for my mom. I was told to come 30 minutes early." I explained. "Piper, is it?" He asked. "Yeah." - "I will need you to sit up front." He said. I got out of the previous isle and took a seat at the front. "Um, sir?" I asked. "Yes?" - "Why do I need to be here?" I asked.

"Its a rule to have at least one relative present." (Not sure if that's true... so just go with me)

"But if your wondering if you have to say anything of the sort, you don't. So don't worry. You're just required to be present." He said. I was relieved. I am very shy and I would have no idea what I am supposed to say.

By now, people began to fill the room. I saw a police officer bring in my mom from the door in which I entered through. She looked awful, her hair was a mess, her eyes bag visible from across the room. Also, she looked a little paler than usual. I sighed seeing my mom in this position.

She met my gaze, but then looked away. I did, to, and looked towards the judge coming into the room.

"All rise!" A person yelled. Everyone stood as the judge sat. "You may be seated."

They talked over what the case was about.

(Lets just skip to the part where she is guilty or not, yeah?)

The jury came back into the room.

"The Jury finds Kendra Junes guilty." the first said. "Guilty" said the next. I bit my lip. Please, don't be guilty I'm begging you. She messed up once! Once! "Not guilty" the next said. "Not guilty."

You two! I like you!


I hate you.

"Not guilty"

Now it was all on this last dude if my mom goes to jail or not. My heart was racing, palms sweating, mind screaming. "Guilty."

I loosen my tightly griped fists. "Kendra Junes, you are guilty of possession of marijuana. You are fined 5 years of prison. Case dismissed." The judge hit her wooden hammer thing on her stand.

"All rise!" the person yells again as the judge leaves the room.

Everyone else begins to leave. But I just stand there. I let a few tears fall.

All the people had left by now, except for a few police officers. I sat back down, and sobbed.

A police man took a seat next to me, then took me in a hug. He rubbed my back as I sobbed. We sat there for a while, before they had us clear out. I don't even know this police guy, but I am happy that he is trying to comfort me. We stood out in the lobby. "Thank you Mr. Police Man Sir." I said. He laughed. "No problem. I can see this is pretty hard on you." He said I just nodded, but then thought of an idea. "Well, you should get going-" I cut him off. "Wait, how much is it to bail her out?" I asked.

He let out a breath a thought for a minute. "I'd say about 301914 pounds." ($500,000.00 in U.S.)

I sighed. I have to save up that much in 4 days?

"Ok, thank you, sir." I said and left.

I don't care what it takes, I am not loosing my mom.


now she has 3 options. 1. America - 2. adoption - 3. raise the money.

What do you think she should go with?

Love you guys! and happy new year :D

And thanks sooooo much for over 1500 views!

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