Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


27. Busted...

The next morning when I finally woke up, I checked the time. "8:05..." My eyes were wide, and I mentally cussed at my self. "I'm so late for school..." I mumbled as I quickly got ready. I jumped down the stairs, then grabbing my bag at the front door. Mother wasn't down stairs so she was probably up in her room or at work. Chase should be at school already.

I didn't have a car, and I am absolutely sure I missed the bus. So, I began walking. Well speed walking. My legs soon became sore. I figured it was no use, since I was already late before I got the chance to wake up. School was however far away, I'm not sure how far, I just know its pretty far when your getting there by foot.

I made it to campus, a bit of sweat forming at my forehead. When I made it inside the school building, an immediate gush of cool air was blown onto me from the air conditioning. I plopped down on the nearest bench to rest. I sat for about 4 minutes, continually panting. Once my breathing settled, I walked off to class. I made it to the door, and knocked. The teacher opened the door and let me in. Students looked up from the work to see who had came through the door. "Would you like to explain why you are so late, Ms. Chambers?" My teacher asked. "Um.. no not exactly." I replied. He gave me a serious looking, which, I'm guessing, means I don't really have a choice. "Fine, I woke up late. Sorry." I said, a bit of attitude and annoyance in my voice. "Well, then I guess you wont mind staying late." He said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Detention, Ms. Chambers, detention." He said and walked over to his desk. I sighed and sat at an empty seat. As soon as I sat, the bell had rung. "Oh. My. God." I mumbled, standing up once again.

Classes went by slowly, but then came time for lunch. I didn't really feel like eating so I just sat on the bench from earlier. A familiar face came up to me. "Hey, babe. Where were you this morning?" Marcel asked. "I woke up late and had to walk to school." I leaned back against the wall. "Oh..." He whispered. I nodded. "I have detention also." I added. "Gee, Piper." He said. "I know..." I replied.

After school I headed towards the detention room. I walked in and was surprised about who was there. Marcel sat, head laying on his desk, and eyes closed. "Marcel? What are you doing in here?" I asked. His head rose from the desk. "Well I couldn't just leave you in here all alone, now can I?" He rubbed his eyes. I smiled before taking a seat next to him. "Thank you." I whispered. He looked over to me and said 'no problem, love.'

After we were released, I began heading towards the direction of my home. "Where do you think your going, missy?!" I heard from behind. Soon there was two arms around me. "I was going to head home." I answered. "Your walking, again?" Marcel asked. "That was the plan..." I said slowly. "I'll give you a ride." He said.

I thanked Marcel for dropping me off. "Anytime." He said before pulling away. I walked through the door of my home, but then stopped by mom. "Hi, sweetie, hoe was your day?" She asked. "It was alright, mom." I answered. "Good, how was your ride home?" She asked. I froze...

"It must have been just super, huh darling." She said. Oh no... I really hope she doesn't know that's Marcel's car. "Oh, you bet ya mom. Really super..." I agreed nervously. "Mhm, and how is Marcel doing?" She asked. "I-I um... I don't know... cause what kind of daughter would I be... to, um, disobey her mom, heh..."

I am so busted.


So so so so so so so so sorry I haven't updated recently. School sucks. Like seriously. I almost missed the bus today because I had to put my science book away in my locker which is on the other side of the school and people don't know how to freaking move in the hallways and I suck at opening my locker and.... its just terrible... but anyways.... I hope you liked the chapter, even though you probably don't cause it was short and boring and I have no Idea what im doing, but Im sure I will figure something out. Love you guys and thanks so much!


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