Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


11. Board Game

"What?" I asked him. I'm not even sure this is Marcel anymore. "You." He said. I slowly stood up and attempted to walk over to the door but failed, and one of his arms came around my waist. I kinda liked this, but at the same time I was scared. "What are you planning, Marcel?" He pushed me over to his bed to the point where our legs dangled off the side. He leaned in, but towards my ear instead. "What character do you want to be?" He whispered. "Huh?" He shot up, but still leaning on me. "I got this new board game a few weeks ago. Its called 'You' which I don't get. Who names a bored game 'You'... I think its weird." He explained. Well I thought we were going somewhere else here......

But yep, its still Marcel. I laughed. "What? Where did you think I was going with this?" He smirked, obviously knowing what I thought. "You know." I managed to tell him through breaths. He laughed along. He stood up and went over to the closet to pull out a box. "How do you play?" I ask, as I sat on the floor along with him. "First you pick your character, well color." I picked the red one, and he picked the orange. "Ok, now what?" I asked. "Um, let me check the directions." He said taking out a packet from the box. "

"Ok, the way we set up, is by putting our people at the start, which is here." He pointed towards a box that said START. "Then we put the cards in this box." He pointed to another box on the board. "Ok, how to play. Pick a card and ask the person opposite of you, the truth or dare on the card." He read the directions. "Each truth answered truthfully, gets to move one space, each dare done correctly, gets two spaces. Who ever gets to the finish line first, wins. Be the one who shoes that YOU can take the most risks. Sounds simple." He said, putting down the packet. "Alright, who's going first?" I asked. "I will." He said and picked up a card. "Truth or Dare?" He asked. "Um, I'll go with dare." I said. "Take all the condiments from your home, and make a sandwich, then eat it." He read the card. "Ew.. but alright." We got up and headed to the kitchen. He showed me where they kept every thing. I got out the ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, which was all they had.

I got some bread, then laid it out. I squirted an even amount of each. "What are you doing in here?" Asked the boys before we took a bite. "Oh food!" Edward came up and took the sandwich out of my hands. "Hey! I need that!" I told him, attempting to get it back. "For what?" He asked. "So I can move up two spaces." He looked at ,e confused, but shrugged it off and took a bite. The face he had was priceless. "Yuck! You can have it back." He said handing it back. "Better think next time before you steel my food." I told him. He rolled his eyes and walked back over to Harry. I took a bite, and was disgusted. But I forced myself to swallow it. "Does it say I have to eat the whole thing?" I asked. "Um, nope. Just says eat it." Marcel assured me.

"So, can I through it away, since I ate some of it?" I asked. "Yeah.. I guess you can." Marcel said. I threw the sandwich away. We went back up stairs to pick another card. "Two spaces." I moved my red piece two spaces. "Alright, Marcel... truth or dare. "Truth." He said. Hahaha, wimp... "What was your most embarrassing moment?" I could hear him mumble: "Oh god.." I laughed at his reaction. "Um, it was probably when... it was 9th grade. I was walking through the hallway and the janitor was moping the floor. I slipped, cause it was really wet, and I landed on my stomach. But one of the puddles, got right here..." He pointed towards his croch. "...and it looked like I had wet myself. But what really got me, was that it was right in front of my crush and she just laughed." He looked down, blushing. "Oh, damn... " I said. "Yeah."

I patted his back. "Well, its over now. It was in the past." I tried to get him to forget. "Yeah I guess so." He said. "Want to take a break from this game?" I asked him. "Yeah." He said, and we picked up everything, then put it away. "Well, I should get home before my mom starts worrying." I told him. "Ok, well I'll see you tomorrow." He gave me a hug and I headed towards the door. "Um, I don't have a car." I just remembered. I was sure I was bound to get lost. He laughed and grabbed his keys. "Lets go." He said and we left the house.

Marcel pulled up into my driveway, but before I could get out, he locked the door. "Hey Marcel?" I asked. "Hm?" He asked. "Can you unlock the door?" - "Yeah." He said, not breaking eye contact. "So will you? Like now?" - "Why do you want leave so quick?" He asked. "I don't want to get in trouble." I explained. "Oh, well can I at least ask you something first?" He asked and I told him yes. "Well come here so I can tell you!" He said. I leaned closer. "Yes?" I asked. "Can I kiss you?" He asked. I smiled. I answered him by kissing him first. He kissed back as we stayed in his car. I pulled away, so I could get inside before mom called Sherlock Holmes to look for me. "See you tomorrow." He said before unlocking the door to let me out. "Bye, Marcel."

"Bye, Piper."


Hey guys! I guess I could fit in one more chapter before I head to bed. Thank you guys so much for all your lovely comments! I love you guys soooooo much!

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