Twisted Fingers

Trust can't be replaced.


3. Chapter 1.

I was born May 5,1996. I had a nice family. I had a home. I had a life.

Before I was 3 months I had already showed an active imagination. I had many imaginary friends out of all of them I still remember one mostly because I see her everyday. Her name is Four. She used to be sweet but, her brother seventy left her to find love at a carnival. It's sad so Four tells me not to talk about him. I stopped listening to Four a long time ago. Especially when I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. It was my Dad's first guess when I was 7 and a half and still told Four to play with me. When I was younger Four didn't like me since I didn't speak how she spoke I was young so I didn't know as much things as she does, so she would hurt me. She would scratch me. Make me feel like I had Diarrhea and made me hurt my family.

Now I'm 16. Locked up in a room with Four. Locked away from the world except the camera man who would come to ask me how me and Four are doing. I can't believe my own Aunt would do this to me. I don't even talk to Four that much. I mark the number of days I've been here 496. Today, is the day I gain my freedom. Since they think Four is gone but, that one 'Camera Man' named Paul who has helped me trick them into believing as well.I guess I shouldn't call him a man since he's 18.

"Buzz!!" I hear. Here comes my freedom. I hear a door open and see my Aunt holding my brother Toby.

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