Behind the glasses

Marcel Styles is the biggest nerd in the school. He gets picked on and bullied by everyone except his 4 bestfriends. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Until the day he ask the girl that he likes Audrey Tomlinson to prom. Louis's Little sister. The one that they call the popular girl in school. The one that everyone knows. That day in prom he changes his look. No more Sweater vest, Long sleeve shirt, and no more glasses. He's Not the same Marcel no more he is Marcel Harold Styles Aka Harry Styles.


5. Chapter 5

Audrey Pov"

"AUDREY CHARLOTTE TOMLINSON!" Louis yelled. Oh noodles I kissed one of Lou's best mate. Niall and I stopped kissing and we saw Marcel running out of the school. Maybe his mom called him. But the problem is he was crying. I looked at Niall once again. It happened all of a sudden. He leaned in and I leaned in. I'm really stupid for kissing Niall.

"Niall Leave. I have detention for 3 hours." Thank god I remembered. Oh crap Marcel has detention and he left. Oops he forgot. Poor Marcel. Niall nodded his head and left. I took a deep breath and headed to Louis.

"Sup dude." I shyly said. I get nervous or shy when Lou is angry. He's not funny or acts like a child when he is serious. He acts all mature like Liam.

"Don't sup me! Lets head to detention and we will talk when we get home!" He yelled. I flinched a little and nodded my head. Yippie detention for 3 hours. Note the sarcasm.


Marcel Pov:

- 3 hours later-

"MARCEL HAROLD STYLES!" My mom yelled. I groaned and got up from my bed. I fell asleep. Typical me. I went downstairs and saw my mom really angry.

All of a sudden I remember where I was supposed to be today. Detention for 3 hours. "Yes Mum?" I said.

"Marcel! Detention for 3 hours seriously! This is the first detention you get and didn't go! I'm really disappointed in you Marcel Thank god the teacher called me." She said shaking her head. I sighed.

"Mum, it was on purpose I wanted to get detention because Audrey and Louis got detention and I wanted to ask Audrey to prom." I explained. Instead of smiling I frowned.

"Baby what's wrong?" My mum asked. I sat down next to her and told her everything. That happened in school. She was happy that I stood up for myself but she wasn't happy that Audrey and Niall were kissing.

"Baby, don't stress out. Go to sleep and think this all through." I nodded my head. I got up from the couch and gave a kiss to my mom on the cheek.

"What a horrible day." I whispered to myself. I don't fell like studying or reading I just want to sleep. I opened my room door. I grabbed a towel and went into my loo. I stripped out of my clothes and took my shower. When I was done I wrapped the towel around my waist.

I looked at the mirror and saw all my tattoos and my curly hair. I sighed. I grabbed a pair of boxers. I turned off the lights and got in bed. I wrapped myself with my blanket. I swear Audrey I will impress you. That's the last thing I thought about before I drifted off to sleep!













Heyyy Ninjas! So I bet you guys where confused because Marcel didn't go to detention. Sorry I instantly forgot about that part. Haha I hope you guys like my story. And can you pretty please with a cherry on top follow me on twitter it will mean a lot. @BYEangie_ If you follow me I will always Love you! BYEE NINJAS♥

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