Behind the glasses

Marcel Styles is the biggest nerd in the school. He gets picked on and bullied by everyone except his 4 bestfriends. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Until the day he ask the girl that he likes Audrey Tomlinson to prom. Louis's Little sister. The one that they call the popular girl in school. The one that everyone knows. That day in prom he changes his look. No more Sweater vest, Long sleeve shirt, and no more glasses. He's Not the same Marcel no more he is Marcel Harold Styles Aka Harry Styles.


3. Chapter 3

Marcel's P.O.V


"Okay everyone. Take out your homework's, I'm coming around to check." Our Statistics teacher said. I grabbed my homework book and placed it on top of my desk. Louis was sitting next to me throwing aeroplanes around the room.


"Hmm, Well done Marcel. Your still my top student." Mrs Kingsley said now turning to Louis. "Mr Tomlinson, where is your homework?" She asked. Louis turned to her and smiled. "It committed suicide cause it had too many problems." He said and the class heard, they all laughed. "Mr Tomlinson detention, an hour." She said.




"Uh-uh. No buts mister." She said waving her index finger. The class room door opened and in walked Audrey. Just seeing her walking through that door makes me smile from ear to ear. I really like her. Louis thinks I should definitely ask her out to prom but I'm afraid she might reject me.


"Ms Tomlinson, why are you late?" Mrs Kingsley asked folding her arms. "I'm late?" She said but sounded more of a question. "You missed an entire period." She said and Audrey gasped. "Are you telling I'm pregnant?" She asked and Mrs Kingsley glared at her. "Detention both of you." Mrs Kingsley said. 


Audrey sighed and walked in and sat next to the window."Oh hey Marce!" She smiled. "Hi." I said waving at her. Louis hit me in the arm and I glared at him. "Mate, this is your chance. Try and get into detention so you could ask her out." He said. You know he's got a point. "Okay fine. I'll try and do something stupid but-"


"Mr Styles, why are you talking during my lesson?" Mrs Kingsley asked."Why are you talking during my conversation?" I asked and the whole class 'Ooo' and Mrs Kingsley scoffed. "You three detention after school." She said. Louis and I hi-fived each other. "For three hours." She finished and we both groaned.


Unless I get to talk to Audrey for three hours. It's worth the pain.














- Alex











A/N: So hey guys ! I'm the co-author for this story and this is my first time updating it so I hope you likey ! Also give us feedback and tell us what are your favourite parts. Leave comments below and Stay Beautiful :) x

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