Behind the glasses

Marcel Styles is the biggest nerd in the school. He gets picked on and bullied by everyone except his 4 bestfriends. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Until the day he ask the girl that he likes Audrey Tomlinson to prom. Louis's Little sister. The one that they call the popular girl in school. The one that everyone knows. That day in prom he changes his look. No more Sweater vest, Long sleeve shirt, and no more glasses. He's Not the same Marcel no more he is Marcel Harold Styles Aka Harry Styles.


2. Chapter 2

Marcel Pov:


"Audrey will you go to prom with me?" I asked shyly. "Me, Oh Marcel I don't want to go to prom with a nerd like you." She said laughing. I need to beg her. "But_ "No buts Marcel I don't want to go to prom with you and final. Bye nerd." I am a nerd. I deserve getting rejected by someone cute. But she rejected me in front of the whole school. Louis came running to me and hugged me. "Mate don't listen to her." I'm so weak. I couldn't stand up for myself because I'm a little pussy. A tear slipped out of my eyes. "Marcel don't cry." Louis said. "Loui_

-End of Dream-

"Love wake up." My mum said. I groaned and sat up. "What now mum?" I said  rubbing my eyes. "Marcel you have school." I groaned and nodded. "Come downstairs when your ready." `My mom said closing the door. I hate going to school. I'm tired of getting bully and the football (soccer) team beating me up. My life is full of crap. I got up from my bed and grabbed a towel. There's a loo in my room. I love it! I went running to the loo and locked the door. I stripped out of my clothes and got in the shower. After a good relaxing shower I got out. I wrapped the towel around my body and went back inside my room. I went to my walk-in closet and got my clothes I need for school. I went to my drawer and got a pair of black boxers. I got dressed up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth really good. When I was done I grabbed my black comb and gel. My hair is curly but I hate it. I put it to the side. I went back in my room. I put on my shoes and glasses. I grabbed my bag and IPhone. I went downstairs. I smell bacon! I love bacon! "Mum are you making bacon?" I yelled. "Yes love." My mum laughed. I went running downstairs and sat down. My mum handed me a plate full of food. Yum there was pancakes, scrambled eggs, Toast with butter, And best for last BACON. I started digging in.

Audrey Pov:

"Hunny wake up." My mum sweetly voice said. I smiled and sat up. "Yes mum?" I said rubbing my eyes. "Hun you have school." I stretched out. "Oh yeah thanks mom!" I smiled and kissed her in the cheek. She nodded her head and left the room. Oh god I forgot to say who I am. I'm sorry. Hi I'm Audrey Tomlinson. I'm 19 years old and I live in Holmes Chapel, United Kingdom. I'm usually from Docaster but my mom got a new job In Holmes Chapel. So here I am. Oh crap I forgot about school. I got up from my bed and grabbed a towel. Thank god I don't have to walk across the hall to go to the loo. I have my own loo in my room! I locked the door and stripped out of my clothes. I got in. After a good relaxing shower I got out. I wrapped the towel around my skinny body and went into my room. I have a normal closet not a walk-in Closet. I wish I did. I grabbed a Muscle Tee that says NYC. I grabbed a pair of Denim high-waisted shorts. I went to my drawer and grabbed a black bra and a matching pantie. I put on the clothes and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth really good. When I was done I grabbed my comb and gel. I did my brown hair in a bun. I put gel on because sometimes my hair sticks out. I grabbed my color contacts and put them on. Your asking why I need color contacts? I will tell you. Its because I have 2 different eye color. My left eye is green and my right eye is blue. Its called Heterochromia iridum. I just hate it when people stare at my eyes. Its like there under a spell. Anyways I didn't put make up because I HATE makeup. Girls don't need makeup to look pretty there already pretty. I put on my black toms and I grabbed my IPhone, and bag. I went downstairs. I SMELL BACON AND EGGS. I love bacon and eggs "Mum did you make bacon and eggs?" I yelled. "Yes hurry so you can get on time to school." I ran to the kitchen. My mom passed me a plate full of food. Yes bacon, Eggs, and toast! "Sis be careful you don't choke." Louis said. "Shut up lou, and eat your dang food or I will eat it." I laughed. "You need to stop hanging out with Nialler." Louis sarcastically said. I rolled my eyes and started eating again. Oh yeah Louis Tomlinson is my brother. He's best friends with Marcel Styles. The nerd of the school. He is popular but he hates the fact that he is. I was done eating and out my food in the sink. I kissed my mom in the cheek. I grabbed my bag and started to head to the door. "Love wait for your brother." My mom said. I groaned and sat down on the couch. The minute I sat down I hard the doorbell. Ugh! "Open the door!" Louis yelled. I rolled my eyes and got up from the couch. I opened the door and saw Marcel playing with his fingers. Aww he looks adorable! Did I just say that? Whatever. He looked up and smiled at me. His dimples where showing and his green orbs where sparkling. The thing I love about Marcel is His green orbs and dimples. There really deep.

Marcel Pov:

She smiled back. "Hey Marcel, Looking for Louis?" Audrey said. I nodded my head shyly. I usually don't talk to Audrey but when I come over we kinda talk. "LOU, Marcel is here." She yelled. Lou came running to the door. "Grab your bag Audrey where leaving." Louis said, She nodded her head and went to the living room. "Mar, are you going to ask her?" He questioned me. "Uh I don't know Lou." I sighed. "Go ahead don't be shy Mar." I nodded my head. A few seconds later Audrey came out. I smiled. "Mum where leaving bye!" Louis yelled. He closed the door and we started walking to school.



HEYYY! So I hope you guys like chapter 2. Probably I won't update tomorrow or Sunday. Sunday I am going to six flags and Saturday I'm going to be busy buying things. BYEE NINJAS! -Angiex


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