Behind the glasses

Marcel Styles is the biggest nerd in the school. He gets picked on and bullied by everyone except his 4 bestfriends. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Until the day he ask the girl that he likes Audrey Tomlinson to prom. Louis's Little sister. The one that they call the popular girl in school. The one that everyone knows. That day in prom he changes his look. No more Sweater vest, Long sleeve shirt, and no more glasses. He's Not the same Marcel no more he is Marcel Harold Styles Aka Harry Styles.


1. Chapter 1

Marcel's Pov:

Heyy! My name is Marcel styles. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Holmes Chapel, United Kingdom. I hardly have friends. Just four boys and guess what there are the popular guys in school. One is Name Liam Payne. He is really sweet but sometimes he acts like our father. Next is Louis Tomlinson. Oh god I'm really close to him. He is sassy and really funny. Next is Zayn Malik. He is really quiet and shy but when you get to know him really well he is weird and he loves looking in the mirror. Last is Niall Horan. He loves eating food! Especially Nandos. He is Irish but he moved to the UK because his father got a new job here. (A/N I know its not true) I love them so much but sometimes when we are in school its hard for me to talk to them. The football team always bully's me or beat me up when I'm talking to them. I'm really scared to stand up for myself because they will beat me up more. Like I said I'm the nerd in the school. And the girl that I like is popular her name is Audrey. I'm trying to ask her to prom I hope she says yes.



Hey guys! Go check out my other stories :) I hope you love this one really I hope you do! I will update soon. I know its short but next chapter I will Bye Ninjas -Angiex

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