once mean girl

l. once was mean girl but since i lot my friend stop be one for good


1. mean

once one of evils girl i use call them. but they call mean girl i was meaner one i was hard but was meaner than each of my mean friend i have i was mean ever to my bestfrend i feel bad of her cuz i do that to her i lost my bestfriend my mean friend as i call her, say she just losser you got me ,me,me as friend . i said oh ok this new girl was so mean i but all around hair milkeand cerela everone laugh ,and laugh she was so embassim shewent to bathroom . i feel so bad so i see her so was sit down in wall cry. she say me , why  you do that mean . i say i feel sorry but could say sorry. cuz if i do i not be mean so i tould cuz you hair so not pretty should be like that.

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