Kasi Andrews always felt abandoned. She had been in many high school relationships that always ended in tragedy. After her high school years were over she made a list of all the guys that had broken her heart. The 'heart breaker payback ,' she was going to make sure that she got rid of them for good.


2. Watch Your Back, I'm Coming For You

*The next day*

Kasi decided she needed to clean up before starting her plan to end her next victim.

Mathew Parks was the one she really wanted to finish. When she was in a relationship with him back in her high school years, he played with her feelings. He judged her every flaw, he would always cheat on her, and treat her like she a piece of trash.

She never said anything to him about it, she just knew from that day forth she would get her revenge on anyone who broke her heart.

After she had cleaned up she put on black sweat pants and a black hoodie, even though it was around 97 degrees outside. She grabbed her camera and left her home unattended. 'Watch you're back Mathew, I'm coming for you.' she thought to her self with an evil smile on her face.


she soon reach Mathew Parks house and waited for him from afar, snapping every little picture she could. Soon she found that he was leaving, she hopped into her vehicle and waited until he got onto the road way and began to follow him, still taking pictures.

He soon stopped his vehicle outside of a diner, she did the same but didn't get out so that he didn't suspect anything. She began to take pictures and studied every move he made. She soon found out that he would meet a short blonde headed girl there everyday.

She did this everyday for a week learning his daily routine.

After he left the diner he would go back home and clean himself up before heading back out to meet up with a different girl. She was kind of tall and she was a brunette.

She thought to herself 'Pour girls getting played like that, it will all end tomorrow.' She smirked.

She then headed home and went straight to her room, she printed out all of the pictures and hung them on her wall sketching out her next move.

She hadn't slept at all, she was too busy plotting out her plan to put an end to the heartbreaker. Mathew Parks.

Kasi looked at the clock hanging above her bed. It was time to complete her task, only this time she wasn't going to instantly kill him like she killed Jason. She was going to make him suffer like she did.

She finally arrived to Mathew's house, before stepping out of the vehicle she put on a ski-mask to hide her face.

When she approached the door. It was locked, she pulled out tools to unlock the door. Before she knew the door was unlocked she stepped in quietly sneaking around, she made her way up to the bathroom where he was taking a shower and waited for him to exit.

Finally after waiting impatiently for 30 minutes he exited, he saw her and that's when she made her move. She grasped onto the hem of his shirt and pushed him down the stairs.

That wasn't enough to kill him. She quickly made her way down stairs, grabbing him by his arms shoving him into a corner, he was too weak to fight back.

She took the two ropes out of her duffle bag that she used to tie Jason up and began to tie his arms and legs together cutting off any blood flow to his hands and feet.

She then decided to cut him, she cut every inch of his body and decided that was enough suffering.

She pulled out a gun from her duffle bag and aimed for his head.

"Any last words?" she shouted while putting her index finger on the trigger.

"Who are you?" he said in a weak tone desperate to know.

She waited a few minutes and said "All I ever wanted was for you too love me, but you always treated me like I was nothing. This is the end of you player." With that she pulled the trigger and shot him in the head.

After she had shot him, she leaned down to untie him, gathered all her stuff and left. Again leaving no trace of her being the murderer.


Author's Note:

I know another short chapter. The next chapter will be longer than this one.




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