Kasi Andrews always felt abandoned. She had been in many high school relationships that always ended in tragedy. After her high school years were over she made a list of all the guys that had broken her heart. The 'heart breaker payback ,' she was going to make sure that she got rid of them for good.


1. Victim 1.... GONE

Kasi was walking down the hall to Jason's apartment dorm. She was in love with him deeply, he never felt the same towards her. As she came upon Jason's dorm, she pulled out the spare key from her pocket and unlocked the door. After had entered into Jason's dorm, she quietly made her way to his bedroom and slowly opened the door, there she found him asleep. She instantly pulled out two ropes that she had in her duffle bag and began to quickly tie his hands and legs to his bed. She then put tape over his mouth as he began to wake up, he tried to yell but the tape only made his yells sound like whispers. She then began to kiss him, his cheeks, his eyes, and his mouth all she ever wanted was for his lips on hers, if only a moment She then reach into her back pocket and pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest over and over again. After she had completed her task she whispered into his ear "This is your payback heartbreaker." With that said she untied him and packed all of her things and left with no sign that she was the murderer. 

Kasi soon made her way to her home, after she had entered the front door of her house she made sure to lock it. She soon went straight to her room, she reach underneath her bed and pulled out a notebook which had 'Heartbreaker Payback' written on the front as a title. She then turned to a page that listed all the names of the heartbreakers, and pulled out a black marker and marked out number one which was Jason Smith. After she marked out his name, she began reading the list and found her next victim. Mathew Parks. After she found her next heartbreaker to finish off she spoke to herself in and evil toned whisper "Mathew Parks, you will get you're payback soon. Heartbreaker."


Author's Note:

Short Chapter, sorry.

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