Kasi Andrews always felt abandoned. She had been in many high school relationships that always ended in tragedy. After her high school years were over she made a list of all the guys that had broken her heart. The 'heart breaker payback ,' she was going to make sure that she got rid of them for good.


4. unknown threat

Kasi had been lying in bed all night, after murdering an innocent woman who wasn't one of her victims. She soon decided that she should eat something, so she went to her kitchen and looked in her fridge. Nothing to eat, she thought to herself 'maybe I should go grocery shopping, besides no one suspects me.'

After she decided she needed to buy some food, she changed into clean 'regular' clothes. As began her journey outside she found a note lying outside on her door step. Kasi then picked up the note and began to read it:

"Soon you will know what it's like to be put in you're grave."

There was no name on the note, or anything to give her a clue to who was threatening her. She then decided that she wouldn't go shopping for groceries and that she would be fine not eating for once.

Kasi then ran back inside her home locking her door behind her.

She feared for her life.


After receiving death threats for about 3 weeks from and unknown source, she then then decided that it was time to leave the state of Texas.



Author's Note:

Short chapter, just didn't want to include a lot of detail in this chapter.

The next chapter will be longer  

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