Kasi Andrews always felt abandoned. She had been in many high school relationships that always ended in tragedy. After her high school years were over she made a list of all the guys that had broken her heart. The 'heart breaker payback ,' she was going to make sure that she got rid of them for good.


3. Close Call

Kasi arrived home right after murdering her second victim, Mathew. Her daily routine was to murder and mark the victim she killed off her 'Heartbreaker Payback List.' After she marked Mathew's name off her list she decided to watch the news.

As soon as she turned the news on they were talking about the death of Mathew Parks.


"Tragedy has struck here in Texas, local citizen Mathew Parks was discovered dead in his own home."

"We have been told that Mathew Parks was pushed down the stairs, he had been cut with a knife, cuts were all over his body, and he had been shot in the head."

"There were no traces of evidence to who the killer might be, so please if you know anything about the killer contact the authorities....."

After Kasi watched all that she wanted she turned the television off.

'No one will ever find out that I put those uncivilized jerks to sleep.' Kasi thought to herself.


After killing the top two victims, Jason Smith and Mathew Parks, Kasi decided to take a 'little' break before killing the next heartbreaker on her list.


 Kasi woke up to the sound of her alarm clock, the time was 1:30 a.m.

She had decided to start her plan to put an end to 'Keaton James.' He never really cared for her, he had only dated her because he felt sorry for her. This time she decided to do something a little different this time, no guns, no knives, and no ropes. She had stalked him and found out his daily routine, he always goes for a jog of the morning.


*Next Day* 10 a.m.

Kasi was walking right behind Keaton, this time she had forgotten her mask. She was looking around seeing if she spotted anyone around, no one was in sight. She then ran right up to Keaton and grabbed his head, jerking his head into a neck breaking position, after she broke his neck she checked to make sure he was dead. He was done for.

"OH MY GOD!" she heard from a distance, she then looked up and there was a woman standing about a yard away she then ran towards her and the woman took off.

Kasi soon caught up to the woman and knocked her down on the ground, she then picked up a rock she had found lying next to her body, and beat her in the face until she busted her skull open and killed her.


After Kasi had killed Keaton and the witness she ran away making her way to her house.


As soon as Kasi got home she locked her doors and went straight to her room to calm herself down.



Author's Note:

So far this story has been about Kasi putting her victims in their 'graves,' soon there will be a twist. Who knows what will happen?

More killing?

Kasi gets caught?

What do you think??

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