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1. love

hey so yeah i not cool i not perfect .but i got cool boyfriend he cute and smart . and me smart cute and geek . i only got one friend yup one ,so i tell you how we meet it start , i was at math class do my work as always, i wear galsser and i am geek i love math but that all but i hear be new boy , guess what he in my class the teacher say welcome the new boy alex ,the  teacher say you sit by lilly she will hlep you i was happy

because i sit by cute boy ,he say can i get penil i say yes sure he said thank i say, you welcome . then i hlep him i  homework.  and  we went to class he say can you help me i say oh ok . oh ok he not that smart but at less he smart than the dumb kids so he say you went to go to movie i say yes , i say what kind of movie he said scade movie  i said oh ok so we watch it. it  was good movie, the movie end he said  i have great day how about you i said yeah me too. he kiss me yup  i was so happy i was geek girl and cool boy kiss me omg then we date yup and we always wallk togeter but there was one problem everbody keep say why her girlfriend is geek and he cool . i always hate that. he told me i do not care what they say you only cool girl. i say aww thank , i say you only geek boy .    


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