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3. breckup

yeah we breck up not because we do not love each it because alex move so we breck up .so we was at his home i hear that dad have to move because he find better job . he said i need to go. i said what will happen to use . he said idk but if we breck up i will still love you forever . me too i said  , i stay what day you move he said let me tell my dad he said tueday . is said oh . and  he siad yup it be or last day see each other. yup . so i said bye and give kiss oh his chek . he oh ok.

  so i was tueday i went to airport to see him i give hug and give him last kiss. alex siad i miss you and give me a kiss.  and i say so we  breck up  he said what do you think yes it will be hard so we breck up. oh we breck up me alex was sad but know he will alway love this geek girl. and and he said she alway love this cool boy forever. and give last big kiss .

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