geek&cool love

love geek & cool


2. be cool

yup i try to be cool my boyfriend say i do not care if you not cool i love you i say but i hate people who say why she your girlfriend she geek with galsser she  not  pretty enough . he said oh ok if you want i show you how to be cool , i say oh thank babe so happy . so i try to galsser off  and i did and put my brown hair down and wear pretty clother and stop tallk about math and start tallk about cool self so i think i am already . my boyfriend say wow you look cool but or you sure. i said yes hate be geek girl .

It was monday i was already wallk with my boyfriend start hear they  say wow she dump the geek for a   cool and pretter girl . i was get mad i said stop it it me lilly the geek girl yeah it me and i tired of all of yay people tallk me . i happy to be smart geek girl i do not care what you think about how i dress or i have i look . because the only think that i really care about boyfriend  he like me how i am geek i love him and he love .alex said yeah she great girl i know she not cool but i love her because i think she cool and everythink about her she make me laugh and  she fun if you think she not cool just because she smart and she geek . you do not know about true love. i said thank babe


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