Kidnapped ~ Harry Styles Love Story ~

[The boys are not famous in this but I will make sure to add them all in!] Harry and Alice send letters back and forth, just because Alice got bored one day and decided to choose a random address to send a letter to. What will happen when they finally meet in person for the first time?


3. Chapter Two

A/N: Hey guys I'm Sarah, Lauren's cousin! I love to write and we are going to write this story together. I hope you guys like my chapters too because that would suck if you hate them, then that would make the story less interesting. But anyway? :D


Harry's POV

"Mum I got the mail don't worry about it!" I called over my shoulder and headed outside to the mailbox. The thick white envelopes used to always excite me when I was younger. Just looking at them made me feel like people actually wanted to talk to us. 

I wasn't a popular boy in school, but I wasn't the nerd. I was a normal everyday boy who just wanted to pass his classes and get the hell out of the hell hole I would call my school. But that doesn't mean people liked to talk to me. I was always the one considered awkward. Which I couldn't blame anyone because I was always tripping over my own feet and pulling things down with me as I fell. 

So just the arrival of envelopes got my hopes up. Half of them would turn out to be bills for the house or from Grandma sending me graduation cards, birthday cards, or other holiday cards. 

"Mum!" I kicked the front door closed with the heel of my boot. "Mum the electricity bill came!" I threw her stuff on the table. "Gemma your friend sent you some sort of package!" 

Mum and Gemma were the beautiful women in my life who supported me with all of my decisions. And they were really my only family I lived with. Dad and Mum divorced when I was young but they stayed good friends. Dad texts me everyday when he knows I'm lonely or calls me when I need someone to talk to about guy stuff. 

Everything in my life was perfectly balanced. And I was loving every minute of it. 

"Harold! You scared me! Don't yell like that!" Mum scolded and then took the letters off of the table handing Gemma hers. 

"Harry? There's one here. But it's from someone we don't know. Do you wanna run it over to the neighbor's to see if the mailman mixed it up?" Gemma questioned. I read over the address.

"But Gemma, here it says our address. I don't know who this is but they got our address." I pointed to the neat little cursive hand writing. Gemma and Mum both looked frightened. Being the women that they are, they were most likely thinking it was a threat or worse. 

Being the man of the house I ripped open the neat folded and closed envelope. The lines in my forehead crinkled together.

"It's nothing. It's just someone messing around and mailing to random people. Relax guys." I sat down with the letter and read over the neat paragraphs at least ten times in my head until I memorized it. I laughed and put the letter down. I picked up the closest pen and started to scribble some things about me on a piece of white lined paper.

"Hello, I'm Harry Styles. I'm 19 and I have a really messy mop of curls that I call hair on my head. I love animals too and live with my Mum and sister. I graduated a few months ago from school. And until we can share more about each other that's all I'll give. 

Harry xx"

I still couldn't get the letter that was somehow meant for me out of my head. So I smiled, folded the paper and shoved it into an envelope. The address it was sent from was copied and I put it on my bedside table for tomorrow when the mailman comes again.


A/N:Well I hope you guys liked that. I didn't suck now did I? PLEASE let me know if this made you unhappy somehow or yeah. BYEE! :D 

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